11 Things humans do that dogs hate

Dogs are truly fantastic animals. They make for great companions and loyal protectors. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have them. Most people understand what their dogs do and don’t like. They aren’t shy about letting us know how they feel after all. Sometimes though, dogs will hold back and not let on that something is wrong.


As a pet owner, it’s up to you to know what your dog likes and doesn’t like. You should know what things may potentially hurt them. They deserve your love, comfort, and respect. They have their own limits too. They can become frightened, frustrated, and stressed just like a human.


Here are seven things that many people do that their pets really don’t like. If you’re doing any of these, you may notice that your dog isn’t behaving how they normally do. Be sure that you don’t accidentally aggravate your dog!

1. Hugs

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Human are always hugging dogs and when we do, we think that we are giving affection and sharing our love. However dogs don’t like this at all.


2.Too Tight a Leash

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People tie up their dogs for a number of reasons:

  • To feel better and safer
  • To protect the land scaping
  • To protect the life of other people

So using a leash is better to keep your dog safe and out of trouble.


3.Tension in the Home

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Stress is part of every day life for us and for our dogs. In order to deferenciate stress signs from normal behaviour, you must be familiar with your dogs. So we should learn how to deal with dogs since they can’t voice their feelings, also dogs are sensitive to moods and underlying tension.

4.Looking into the Eyes of a Dog You Don’t Know

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Dogs use eye to eye connections for countless reasons, people use eye contact socially to give others attentive listening, but dogs use eye contact as an attempt at domination.so never keep looking at a dog”s eyes ecpecially a foreign one .

5.Touching their Face or Head

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Most dogs are a bit sensitive when you touch their face or head,they don’t really appreciate that ,but if you want to pet your dog just rub it along the back and it will be happy.

6.No Rules

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Disciplining a dog can be tough, but remember that you are helping him learn to be the best version of himself , make sure to always be patient.

7.Forced Interactions

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unlike people, dogs can not be forced to interact with those they don’t accept , because that will make just troubles for them both, so it will be better to keep your dog safe.


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Using “Dog Speak” is important in building a bond between a dog and their owner. Or we should use different of voices to disting wish between commands, Corrections and praise.


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In some instances, Teasing a dog can promote unwanted behaviour as its harmless and it isn’t fun for your dog as when a dog is teased, he may become frustrated, frantic, and agitated.

10.Creating a Boring Environment

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boredom can lead your dog to engage in desctructive behaviour.

How to help ?

you should never be a boring person.You should give your dog plenty of exercises ,go for a walk,do something new and different, change places….ect.

11.Not Letting Them Smell when on a Walk

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Dogs rely on their smell to know and discover the environment, unlike people who rely on their sight to get around, so never try to stop your dog sniffing but encourage him .

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