15 Dog Breeds That Will Guard You With Their Life

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Security is a crucial concern for most homes. Homeowners have, for a long time, entrusted dogs to guard their homes. People feel that their residential areas are secure once they have trained dogs in place. There are several types of dog breeds homeowners can rely on to keep their homes safe. Each of these dogs reacts differently when there is something strange. For instance, some dogs will bark when there is a knock at the door or when your bell rings. Guardian dogs will not only let you know when there is a stranger around, but they will do something to curb the situation.


These dog breeds need to be trained when to fight off an intruder, but they should not be violent. What you need to do is to train them when they are young, and these dog breeds will guard you with their life. These are the best dog breeds to safeguard your home because they are devoted and brave and know how to deal with a stranger.

Here is a list of the most popular breeds of guard dogs. Remember that there are many. It’s just to start with:


1- German shepherd:

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This breed is usually quiet until a chance is found that needs help. They maintain a distance that allows him to resist the effects of superficial trials and friendship

Because of the high intelligence and courage of the breed, it is often used in police work. However, unlike some, German shepherds are considered beautiful family dogs and have surprisingly lovely, loving, and sick children. However, the German shepherd protects his family if he is in danger. German shepherds may bark loudly and threaten someone who threatens the family.


2- Doberman Pinscher :

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One of the most common guard dogs, Doberman Pinschers, may have scary behavior. The breed is active and can move very quickly. Therefore, Doberman is often used in police and military action. Like the German Shepherd, Doberman is knowledgeable and loyal. What’s more, the myth is that all Doberman is inherently aggressive. Aggression in most dog breeds is due to irresponsible training.

3- Great Dane :

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Great Dane is called “great” for some reason. Huge frames make excitement physically intimidating. However, their nature may be very mild. Good with children, The Great Dane is a loving and patient family animal. However, if there is a threat, a noisy Danish bark will raise the alarm. Horror is often fearful of deep bark and shape. That’s why this breed is a great deterrent.


4- Rottweiler :

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Rottweilers are mighty dogs and muscles. They are smart and known to learn quickly. However, like any potential guard dog, Rottweiler will need proper training to become a competent guardian, but not aggressive. When it comes to family pets, Rottweilers are loyal and loving. What’s more, they love and spend time with their human peers.

5-Bull Mastiff :

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These dogs are powerful physically because they contain large amounts of muscle. He is also intelligent, alert, and brave. Despite his ability to see, he is obedient in the vicinity of his family, making him a great pet.

6- Boxer :

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Boxers are known for fun, vitality, and joy. Therefore, it may not seem to be the right choice for a guard dog. However, it is assumed that the boxer is an excellent personal judgment, and then effectively warns the owner of potential danger.

7- Tosa Inu :

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Tosa Inu is a large-scale dog. Tosa was released for hundreds of years in Japan and is surprisingly sporty and surprising. He has large lips with powerful jaws, a large head, and a broad skull. The large size and deep bark of this dog represents a significant obstacle to hackers. Tosa ines are crosswords between the Danes, Bernardines, and Mastiffs and were built big fighting dogs. They are brilliant and do not need frequent training, but they do what children should not leave out of reach.

8- American Akita :

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American Akita, independent of Akita Inu, is a large breed of dog that originated in the mountains of Japan. Akita is a beautiful and stunning dog with power and nobility. Physically, these dogs are banned on cold days. They have lovely thick coats and large bear heads. They are very harmonious, loyal, and very regional. They control other dogs, bark reserved and can be challenging to train. But unlike Tos, Akita is excellent for families looking for something more than a guard dog.

9- Giant Schnauzer :

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Giant Schneider is a sizeable compact dog that works well in well-defined herd relationships. He is a quiet and diverse working dog who loves to be with his owner at all times. The giant Schnauzer features easy training and reacts to consistent and consistent behavior. The key to this breed is to understand that all other people around it are more in the herd. The giant Schnauzers live in the herd mentality, and it is essential to maintain consistent behavior with this dog to remain an excellent guard.

10- Poodle :

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Poodles are known to be one of the most natural breeds to train. They are great “dog people” as well standard poodles. They occupy second place in the intelligence of dog breeds, which are behind the border and ahead of the German Shepherd. This makes Poodle knowledge a dog to train efficiently. Poodles also want to teach because they love learning new tricks and doing the activity. Poodles are a favorite circus movement and can be seen around the world.

11- American Bulldog :

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American bulldogs are medium-sized dogs with muscular bodies that are strange, but not stupid, and these dogs are excellent guard dogs. American Bulldogs are born for their strength and endurance, known for their perseverance and courage. American Bulldogs are inherently enjoyable and exciting and require proper socialization to develop obedient dogs and their behavior and make them less stubborn and intentional. With appropriate training, these dogs become protective companions that won’t stop dazzling you with interesting characters.

12- Russian black dog :

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The former Russian army is responsible for breeding the first Russian Red Star dog house, controlled by the army. Some of the dogs that breed black Russian dogs are giant schnauzer breeds, rottweiler, airedale and Russian breeds. These dogs were bred to withstand extreme weather and work independently. The Russian army needed a dog that could be used for particular tasks, such as observing military installations, border forces, prisoner-of-war camps, and police forces. Their harmful and dominant character enhances the background of these dogs. This makes the Black Russian Terrier very protective for its owners and makes them great guards.

13- Rhodesian ridgeback :

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This large variety with the right muscles is becoming more and more popular. Initially originated to help trace lions, this breed is generally a very reliable animal and is an excellent companion dog and a trusted guardian. The dog is very stable and is very good for children. An attractive feature of this dog, in addition to its beautiful color, is the character string that runs along the back. It is an intelligent animal that can be easily trained. Despite its size, he is not usually a warrior.

14 – Pyrenees :

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This substantial breed with a beautiful white coat was initially bred to protect the sheep herd. Because of its large size and durability, it can prevent even the most specific intruders. It has excellent protective properties. For a dog of this size, prior training is necessary to ensure that the animal understands that it cannot have its way and should follow instructions.

15 – Chow Chows :

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Weighing between 45 and 70 pounds, this breed is not the most common with dogs; it is a loyal breed of dog that protects the family and home, making them ideal dogs for protection. Chow Chow is a reasonably quiet dog, and if he lives in the apartment every day, he is right. Let’s go. Since this dog has a somewhat restrictive character, it does not feel that it stays outside, as long as it attracts attention every day from the person to whom it is associated. A thicker coat allows this dog to be out even in winter.


All these breeds of dogs will be excellent safety dogs and will be a great addition to your family. There are some things to consider before choosing a dog breed. Always choose a dog from a good breeder, and remember that these dogs should be exercised. If they are chained all the time, you may experience separation anxiety, and the older breeds are 10 to 14 years old. Occurs – Always check your dog for health issues, regular visits to the vet are necessary, and indeed, the right amount of dog training is required.


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