15 Things You Do That Breaks Your Dogs Heart

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Dogs are really emotional creatures. They can experience pretty much the same emotions as humans and sometimes they can be even more emotional than us. Most people can read emotions in their dogs quite easily. If you have had the fortune to have a dog in your life, then you are surely aware of the fact that your dog is constantly trying to communicate with you and show you his emotions with the use of his body language. For example, when you get home and you find your dog dancing around wagging his tail, you understand that he is happy to have you home. When, on the other hand, you find your dog growling at another pet or being aggressive towards him, then he is probably not that happy to be around him. The body language is really important when we talk about dogs and they use it exceedingly in their everyday life. Since they cannot actually talk like us, they have found other ways to communicate and show us how they feel, what annoys them or what makes them happy.


The relationship we have with our dogs is special and unique. In reality, our whole life is entwined with that of our beloved doggie. However, if we are not careful enough, we may unintentionally damage this beautiful relationship and even worse make our dog feel sad or depressed. For this reason, establishing a healthy relationship with our pet that’s focused on mutual communication and understanding is really important. There are times when we will have to punish or shout at our dogs when they do something unfavorable. Un unfavorable punishment or a harsh shouting, however, can leave our pet with emotional scars or it can break his pure heart.

A lot of pet owners make a lot of mistakes when they teach their dog how to behave properly and they mess with their inner feelings just because they are unable to understand their dog’s behavior. Therefore, it’s really important to try and get to know your dog, his body language and conduct characteristics in order to avoid hurting his feelings unintentionally. Here is a list with 15 things you do that breaks your dog’s heart. Avoiding those things can really help you establish a healthy and happy relationship with your pet that will leave you both content and cheerful even when you get on a fight or experience a misunderstanding.

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