15 Unsual Signs of Colon Cancer People Accidentally Ignore For Years

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Are you concerned with your colon health? Not sure if it’s a minor rectal issue or severe colon cancer? Well, if so, then keep reading this article to know about the most unusual signs of colon cancer.

Colon or colorectal cancer is the most fetal and prominent cancer type. It begins with the polyps buildup along the wall of the colon. As a result of reproduction, these polyps lead to severe digestive issues. The benign or non-cancerous polyps come with mild discomfort. But cancerous polyps spread and become fetal. The main cause of the life-threatening nature of colon cancer is its difficulty in detecting it.

This blog post highlights the common signs of colon cancer which we usually confuse with other less severe ailments like irritable bowel syndrome or stomach flu. Therefore both males and females need to get tested for colon cancer. So, let’s delve into the most common signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer.

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1.   Constipation

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The major symptom of colon cancer is constipation. In 2004, the European Journal of Cancer published that the chances of tumors in the colon increase due to constipation. The tumor at the verge of the colon makes it very difficult to defecate waste material.

Therefore if you repeatedly experience fewer bowel movements without any history of constipation, seek the recommendations of the physician to know the exact reason.

2. Diarrhea

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Your diarrhea has prolonged for more than a couple of weeks? Well, you must be careful because it may be a sign of colon cancer. The bowel obstruction due to the presence of a tumor may cause either constipation or diarrhea due to the flow of liquid stool, which may result in nausea, vomiting, and frequent abdominal pain. A tumor narrows down the intestinal lining; therefore, if your diarrhea remainsfor several days, consult the physician immediately because it may lead to the loss of nutrients from the body and some other severe issues like cancer.

3.   Bloody stools

Mostly piles are the main cause of the blood in the stool. In this condition, the venous system in the back passage becomes weak and results in mild bleeding, which is usually red.

Have you ever seen the black or dark red-colored blood in your feces? Well, it must be due to colon or rectal cancer. Stomach ulcer is another reason for bloody stools. No matter the blood in the stool is either due to stomach ulcers, piles, or cancer, a proper checkup by a specialist is highly recommended.

4.   Constant feeling of urgency

If you often feel the urgency due to rapid bowel movement but don’t defecate anything, it’s also an early sign of colon cancer. The repetitive bowel movement occurs, but the tumor present in the colon prevents you from passing the stool. However, if this condition lasts for several days; you must discuss your condition with the physician.

5. Passage of narrow stools

Another major warning of colon cancer is thin narrow stools that pass out due to a tumor on the left side of the colon. Such tumor restricts the passageways and often results in narrow stools. If you experience such a problem, immediately discuss it with your physician.

The major causes of narrow stools are anal cancer and div reticulatus.

6. Tender abdomen or abdominal pain

Another most prominent sign of tumor growth in the rectum or colon is the feeling of tenderness or pain in the lower abdominal region when it is touched. Moreover, a tumor in the colon causes a blockage which restricts the blood flow and causes abdominal pain, which is another common indication of colon cancer. Sometimes the pain becomes much severe that it begins to move to other organs. However, if you feel this pain continuously for two to three days. Immediately seek the recommendations of the doctor.

7.   Anemia

Anemia is the shortage of RBCs (Red Blood Cells) in the body. RBCs contain hemoglobin which is the oxygen carrier and supplies it throughout the body. Common signs of anemia are

  1. Irregular heartbeat
  2. Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  1. Cold limbs

Unexplained anemia may occur due to colon cancer, especially on the right side of the colon. When the tumor in this region bleeds gradually in the digestive tract, iron deficiency anemia occurs due to frequent blood loss.

8. Weight loss

Have you aged above 50? Are you experiencing unexplained weight loss? Such weight loss without any particular reason refers to a severe health issue, including colon cancer. You should consult with your doctor if you notice a sudden drop in your weight without altering your diet or exercise routine.

9. Weakness

Most people suffer from tiredness or weakness after an uphill task. Right? But do you feel fatigued even after resting or with little effort? Don’t ignore this because it may be the sign of a large tumor in the colon, resulting in iron deficiency anemia and a shortage of oxygen levels. Therefore, weakness or fatigue occurs due to this deficiency of oxygen associated with several chronic ailments and medical conditions. So for the exact diagnosis, seek your physician’s help.

10. Gas and bloating

Gas and bloating occur normally in many people, but if this issue gets associated with other symptoms, it may be the sign of a colon or rectal tumor. Such a tumor obstructs passageways in the colon based on the severity of the blockage. The excretion of solid and gas may be restricted, which resultantly causes gas and bloating. If you feel tenderness due to progressive gas or bloating, consult your physician to determine the risk of cancer.

You can deal with gas or bloating through the following ways

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, and grains
  • Avoid the intake of alcohol or drink its moderate amount
  • Don’t smoke or use tobacco-containing products
  • Workout for 30 to 40 minutes every day (5 days per week)
  • If your weight is increasing, you must take steps for gradual weight loss
  • Go for the regular screening tests to avoid colon cancer

11. Trouble in the passing of Stool

Another common and most ignored sign of colon cancer is the changes in stool passage. Initially, you may feel the urgency to defecate stool, or a sudden bowel movement may develop the urge to pass the stool immediately, but later you realize the passage of no stool.

12. Fatigue

The most overlooked and ignored symptom of colon cancer is fatigue. In this modern world, fatigue is taken less seriously, and it’s unsurprising because many people suffer from this condition without any particular reason, commonly due to lack of sleep.

Despite sufficient sleep hours and a balanced diet, if fatigue still occurs along with other signs of colon cancer; then, you must be cautious and take necessary measures.

The main cause of the link between fatigue and cancer is the consumption of the body’s energy through cancer cells. As bleeding occurs in the colon cancer, which leads to fatigue.

13. Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting typically occur during cancer treatment. Right? But the vomiting during colon cancer occurs because the tumor obstructs the bowel. When this condition gets serious, the passage of solid, liquid, and gas from the colon hinders. This can result in constipation and painful abdominal cramps.

14. Rectal pain

The rectal pain or the urgency to the bowel defecation is the sign of tumor growth in the rectal region and trapping the stool.

15. Rectal bleeding

People suffering from colon cancer may also see the prominent drops of bright red blood either on the toilet paper or toilet bowl water.

Final thoughts

One of the most dangerous forms of cancer is colorectal cancer. They are not as deadly but are very serious. According to a survey, in 2016, 140,000 people suffered from either type of cancer, i.e., rectal or colon.

The dangers of colorectal cancer are not new, but the major issue in this respect is that people don’t seek early treatment at the early stages and mostly overlook it.

Many of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms depict minor diseases and non-cancerous ailments. It is always important to notice these symptoms and seek the guidance of your health care provider. If you think that your treatment is compulsory, consult your physician.

Now you are fully aware of the most overlooked symptoms. Address them in the first place and reduce the risk of disease.

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