20 Dangerous Foods People Give to Their Dogs Without Realizing It and why pet insurance is important?


In U.S.A out of ten households, eight have pets in their home which mostly consists of cats or dogs, and in some cases, both animals live together in the same house.

Most people love to share their food with their pets “dogs or cats”, in the most occasion it can be seen that they are feeding their leftovers to their pets.


Now when feeding your dogs, it’s vital to know which type of foods can be harmful to their health, if owners took care of their feeding habits then they can save them from deadly diseases and severe sickness.

Here are 20+ harmfuls food that you should avoid feeding your dogs.


1 – Cat food

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Even if they are animals,pet’s owner needs toremember that Cat and Dogs are entirely different species. Cat Food is rich with protein and if that kind of food is fed to dogs that will affect them negatively. The reason is quite simple:Dog food lack Vitamin A, taurine and protein. All these things are found in Cat food. Dogsdigestive can’t tolerate a high amount of protein in their diet that is found in cats’ food. If somehow, they consume things like chicken and rice then they will suffer from vomiting, stomach aches, illness and they can be picky about eating too.

2 – Human medicine

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Like babies, human medicine came with a warning to keep it away from animals too.


Human body metabolism is exceptionally different from dogs, we can enjoy many foods, and in pain,various medications can bring us relief. The same thing does not apply for dogs because there metabolism is extremely different from us and like many foods that can harm them; the same can be said for medicines. If an animal gets sick then never feed them human medicine because the elements in them will do them more harm than good. They should be treated by veterinary medicine to bring them relief in illness.

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3 – Peppers

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Like every food, their quantity should be measured while eating. Bell peppers are okay for dogs as long they are not given frequently.

The reason is that dog is carnivore’s animal, and meat is more suitable for their diet, but sometimes vegetablesare okayto feed them especially greenpeppers which are filled with vitamin C.

They should be breakdown into small pieces and given them in small amounts with weeks gap. If they eat green or any other spicy peppers frequently, then it will cause them Vomiting, stomach problems, irritation in eyes and skin. So, try to give them a small amount and feed them with great care.

4 – Fatty Foods

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Dogs bodies are different from humans,their bodies are strong enough to tolerate cholesterol, and that’s the reason that fats in their food won’t create heart problems for them. Still, like many other things, balance in diet matters for dogs health and if they consume an excessive amount of fats in their food it can cause them stomach problem, unnecessary weight gain, itchy skin and dull coat.

5 – Coffee, Tea, and Caffeine

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An extreme amount of caffeine consumption is even harmful to humans and for dogs who are far more sensitive than human can’t digest something like that.

Even accidental few laps of caffeine can be poisonous for dogs, and they should be treated by Vet right away.

6 – Alcohol

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If dogs accidentally consume Alcohol or for some reason if it came in contact with their skin, then it will cause extremely harmful reactions to them.

They can instantly affect their nervous system, even causing them to fall in a coma or worse threaten their lives. Other symptoms are stomach problem, vomiting, diarrhoea, hypothermia; it can also damage their metabolism system.

7 – Persimmons, Peaches, and Plums

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Seeds or fruits like persimmon, oranges, peach and plump should be avoided at all cost.The seeds in them contain extremely poisonous cyanide,and if these seeds went in their intestine, the toxin of seeds coulddamage them. If you are feeding them anyway then It’s highly relevant to eradicate seedsand feed them onlypulp.

8 – Grapes and Raisins

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The myth is not false that few grapes or raisin isa poisonous fruit thatcan kill dogs. They are quite toxic for dogs, and if they consume three or four grapes it can start affecting themwith low energy, illness vomiting and in extreme caseskidney failure, more than that it can kill them immediately.

9 – High-Salt Foods

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Too much sodium in food is harmful to humans as well as dogs. In dogs case,a large amount of salt intake can cause many adverse symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea, an illness like fever with tremors, seizure and if the temperature goes too high then they can also die.

10 – Gum and Candy

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They are generally seen in a household that has kids, and that’s why it’s imperative to keep it out of reach from dogs. The reason as mentioned above that gum and candies have xylitol in them which is harmful to feed your dogs. The children should be aware not to share these treats with their pets.

11- Yeast Dough

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Yeast produce ethanol, and that’s why it raises dough, similarly if dogs feed on it then it will cause a harmful reaction like their stomachs will bloat, gas will be filled in their digestive system and consuming yeast is as much life-threatening to dogs as if they drink alcohol.Soyour dog must be far away when you are working with yeast because raw bread dough will cause as muchharmto them as Yeast itself.

12 – Milk and Dairy

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Few dogs have no problem with dairy products, but many dogshave adverse reaction when they eat dairy products. The reason is simple, most dogs are lactose intolerant,and that’s why it’s necessary to figure out this as early as possible. If these types of dogs somehowto feed dairy products like milk, cheese, bread, ice cream and other dairy products then it can cause allergies, diarrhoea and other digestive problems.

It’s essential to keep these products away from them and also instruct children at home so they won’t accidentally feed these products with their pets.

13 – Nuts (especially macadamia nuts)

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Nuts of any kind especially Macadamia Nuts are rich in nutrition and an excessive amount of fats in them that together is quite harmful toa dogs health. It can also be considered as poison for dogs because it will cause fever, tremors, vomiting, back paralysis and even death if they are not treated immediately. This is something that should be kept out of their reach and completely avoid feeding to your dogs.

14 – Citrus

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Dogs havea sharp sense of smell and anything that had citrus acid in them weather it is leaf, plant, seed, stems or even fruits will feel repelling to them, and it shouldn’t be feed to dogs either. The reason behind not feeding citrus acid is because it will cause harm to their nervous system, irritate their skin, and affect their eyes and mucous membrane. Besides dogs themselves stay away from these things.

15 – Raw Meat, Eggs, and Bones

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In the cartoon, it’s often shown that dog is munching on raw bones. In reality,it isa hazardous thing to feed your dog. In easier words,if human consume raw bone they will choke on it. Same can happen with dogs; bones shards are sharp and strong;theirdigestive systemis unable to dissolve it. Your dog will choke on it, and even if he somehow managed to eat it then he won’t be able to digest it which will cause him severe stomach problem.

16 – Chocolates

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Chocolate is not only dairy products,but theyare also made of cocoa beans that arecompost and quite dangerous in itself. It is extremely harmful, and some chocolatealso has nuts in them.

It is a harmful ingredient that instantly makes them sick with extreme stomach problems. Soyou or your children mustn’t share your chocolates with your pets.

17 – Onions, Garlic, and Chives

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Garlic is harmful to dogs red blood cells and should be only fed to them in small amounts after a large gap. If used frequently, it will cause illness like vomiting, weak energy andbreathing problems to your pets. The same goes for an onion that will affect them the same way as garlic.

18 – Avocados

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Like citrus, fruit Persin is also dangerous for Dogs and Persinis found inhigh amount in avocado. That’s why it’s important not to feed avocado to dogs otherwise it’s toxic Persin can cause harm to their lungs, chest and in extreme cases can cause their death.

19 – Corn on the Cob

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Corn is not highly recommended for dogs. It can be feed in small amounts, but it’s better to avoid them in their diet. Feeding corn regularly to your dogs can harm their intestines which will create digestive issues for them. Secondly, some corns kernel aresalted, and the sodium in them will dehydrate them and cause other sodium related problems for them.

20 – Xylitol

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Xylitol is an artificial sweetener which also consists ofan equal amount of alcohol, and like alcohol, Xylitol is also extremely harmful toa dogs health. The product that has Xylitol in them are gums, toothpaste, mouthwash, sugar-free candies, peanut butter, fruit drinks and jelly jams. These products also came with a warning to keep it out of animal reach. If somehow they consume one of these products then they should be treated immediately. Otherwise, they can suffer from seizure, liver failure and even death. 



















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