20 Essential Facts Dog Lovers Must Always Remember

20 Essential Facts Dog Lovers Must Always Remember

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First, taking care of them makes them completely dependent to the extent that They get lost and start behaving strangely. When you give them love and attention they become so attached to the individual. It becomes very difficult to leave them with somebody else. They will be always looking for you even if that somebody else does his/her best to provide them with everything they need.So, a person who has a dog, a cat or any other animal becomes also so attached to him/her as well, and can’t rely on anybody else.So that,when the circumstances oblige him/her to be far from him/her he doesn’t feel at ease at all.He/she will try to finish the task as soon as he/she can in order to be close to him/her.These 20 truths are unforgettable.

1.The life of a dog is relatively short compared to a human.

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Humans can live for over 100 years, but dogs generally live for between 10 and 20 years. Make each moment with your dog count.  

2.Dogs can sometimes be aggressive out of fear.

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Socializing early and often with animals and people is the key to building their confidence, love, and trust.  

3.Children benefit greatly from growing up with dogs.

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They are healthier and are more well-adjusted. Studies show that children who live with dogs have less allergies, stronger immune systems, and potentially healthier microbiomes. Other research into the matter has shown that children who are raised alongside dogs are happier, more responsible, more caring, and more intelligent. That’s to say nothing of how much dogs themselves love kids.  

4.Dog kisses can be beneficial for your health!

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Studies are looking into the idea that microbes exchanged in dog kisses can have positive probiotic effects that improve overall health for humans.  

5.Dogs enjoy having jobs.

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Keeping your furry friend active and fit helps to maintain their physical health while also keeping them happy mentally. They say that a tired dog is a happy dog, and that seems to be the case.  

6.Dogs love making humans happy.

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Teaching them new tricks and behaviors and overcoming challenges with them strengthens the bond between you. Studies show that dogs bond with their humans like children do with parents and they have a natural want to please their “parents”.  

7.Dogs are excellent stress reducers.

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Dogs can reduce the risk of heart disease as they motivate their humans to get up and go on walks. The emotional bond between owners and pets also lowers their heart rate and reduces stress reactions.  

8.Dogs look to humans for help.

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They derive their security, comfort, and motivation from their human.  

9.Dogs always appreciate the things you do.

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There’s no such thing as a gesture too small or short for them. Dogs love to be loved and cared for. Each and every minute you spend with them is only going to make them love you more.  

10.Dogs will be sensitive to a lot of things, including their environment.

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You shouldn’t leave your pup outside in the heat or cold. Leaving them without any shelter in extreme weather can make them sick, and it can even be fatal. You should also never leave them in a car as this can also kill them.  

11.Dogs require regular grooming and care to stay fit and healthy.

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You should trim their toenails, clean and brush their coat, and regularly brush their teeth to prevent decay, disease, and cavities.  

12.Dogs are naturally empathic creatures that want to comfort those in distress.

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Studies have shown that dogs pick up on human fears and respond to them. They naturally try to reassure distressed people. They even try to help strangers as well as their owners.  

13.Dogs should never be left alone for too long.

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They are social creatures at heart. They require other animals or people around them to prevent loneliness and separation anxiety. They have a nasty habit of acting out if left alone. You should spend a lot of time interacting with your dog.  

14.Dogs aren’t able to comprehend human speech.

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They respond to vocal tones, body language, and key words. Research has shown that dogs will watch human interactions to pick up on subtle signals.  

15.Dogs might love to eat, but giving them food isn’t a good way to show love.

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The food that you offer your dog affects their health. Many human foods prove toxic for dogs. They can get sick or even die as a result of eating human food.  

16.Dogs love encouragement.

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Positive reinforcement training has always proven to be better than any kind of harsh training method. Researchers suggest that you should train your dog early on to avoid potential aggression problems when they are older.  

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