25+ Important tips every dog owner should know – But many surprisingly don’t

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Do you own a dog? That’s amazing. You are in the most pleasant places on earth. Here, we will discuss the important tips you must know as a dog owner. If you have a dog then it means you are more like a parent. Because dog needs a lot of attention, in terms of caring, playing, feeding, and training. Yes, unlike babies, they do not cry overnight or disturb your sleep.


When it comes to pet, then Dogs are one of the most loving animals, who will treat you well, have emotions for you, and also if you train them, they are helpful in laundry and other home chores.

At the same time, keeping your dog happy and healthy is a very stressful task. But don’t worry, in this article, I have gathered 17 important tips and tricks which will help you to maintain the health and happiness of your dog. I am sure, after reading these dogs hacks, your life is going to be easy with your pet.


1.Putting Carabiner on the dog leash:

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I hope that you want your dog to be protected and safe. For this, putting a carabiner on a dog leash will help you to hold him in his place more precisely.

Here is the trick as well, the carabiner will allow you to attach multiple leashes where you can store some accessories as well.


2. Dog Shampoo Too Expensive? Make It For A Fraction Of The Price

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Well, you already know how bad the dogs smell when they are not given proper bath with good shampoo. The best shampoos in the market are costly and not everyone can afford it. So, here is the tip for you. Now you can make shampoo for your dog with simple ingredients available at your home. All you need is lavender essential oil, cornstarch, and baking soda. Here’s the full method

3. Can’t Get Your Dog’s Breath Fresh? Put Dog Toothpaste Into A Lint Roller

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No matter if your dog is very calm, but applying toothpaste on his teeth will always be difficult. Here is the hack. Take a lint remover, and apply toothpaste on it, when your dog licks it, then the toothpaste will eventually spread in its mouth. You can also use the same trick on any of its toys which have some deep grooves.


4. Regulate Your Dog’s Eating Speed With An Object In The Bowl

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There are many reasons for a dog having a lousy stomach, but the most common one is the eating speed. Yes, that’s true. Your dog’s eating speed can cause him stomach pain. Therefore, to avoid this pain, put some heavy object in his bowl which he cannot remove. It will help your dog to eat slow and have little bites.

5. Get Or Make Pill Pockets For Dogs

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It is not suitable but painful if you force to put dog pills down his throat. Therefore, you must buy pill pockets for your dog. The pill pocket is designed to hold any solid medication and will make it easy for your dog to have it.

6. Put A Shower Cap On A Dog For Easier Baths


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You have experienced that your dog never loved to have a bath or he gets irritated while having it. Now this trick will help you to give him proper bath easily. When you bath him, then put a shower cap on his head, it will let the water not enter in his eyes, and he will not get irritated.

7. Braided Toys Are Super Easy To Make


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Like other dogs, your dogs may also love to play with toys. However, the dogs tear them apart within a few days, and you have to buy new one each time they do this, and it costs a lot. Now, you can save a lot of money by making toys for your dog at your home. All you need is your old shirt. Cut some strips from it. Tie one end of pieces and twist the strands together. Now tie up the other end. Here you go, you get a new toy for your dog.

8. Make A Dog Bed Out Of An Old Hoodie

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If your dog is active, then it may go to its bed early; however, you can provide him with comfort for better sleep so that he cannot wake in the middle of the night. For this, all you need is an old hoodie which is no more in your use. Fill a hoodie with a cushion and sew it up. Now your dog will get a perfect sleep.

9. Make Your Own Dog Treats With What You’ve Got Lying Around

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Dogs love bakery items, so if you are into baking and there are some ingredients left. Then do some google research and make your dog a quick recipe. Your dog will love it.

10. Another Easy Way To Make Your Dog’s Breath Better Is To Sneak Parsely Into Their Food

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If you mix parsley in your dog’s food, then he will eat all the food with joy. Also, it will make his breathing much better.

11. Store Dog Food In A Pitcher

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You may only know the purpose of pitcher for serving cocktail to your friend on a party. However, serving dry fruits to your dog can be the best use of pitcher too.

12. This Is A Great Way To Find A Lost Dog

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Finding a lost dog is difficult, especially when he lost in the wooded area. Well here is a trick. Leave a part of your shirt or any wearable you wore that day with a bowl of water. Also, you can use any of its toys. When your dog reaches that part he will recognize the scent and wait for you until you come back to find him.

13. Squeegees Can Be Better Than Vacuums for Dog Hair

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Having a shedding dog brings a lot of trouble when it comes to clean of his hair out of carpets and rugs. The best equipment for cleaning its hairs is Squeegee.

14. Dogs Go Mad For Chicken Broth Ice Cubes

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I have a trick to trick your dog. If you want your dog to lose weight, and giving him low calories food. Then make a chicken soup and put it in the ice cubes and freeze it. Now, give him a snack. Your dog will never recognize if he is eating something less in calories.

15. Recognize The Common Dog Body Language Meanings

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When your dog tilts his head, it means that he is curious. When he stares at you when you are eating, it means that he is begging for food. Also, some signs will show that your is in stress. While your dog is standing and curls up, then it means he is stressed. When he yawns, licks nose, and scratch, then it means it is stressed.

16. If Your Dog Starts Running Away, Pretend That You’re Hurt

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Apply this trick when you play with your dog. Catch your dog, and he will run faster away from you, then suddenly you become an actor and lay down on the floor or grass and act like you are in pain. The dog will come back to you to see if you are fine.

17. Know Dog CPR

Source : Department of defense

If you are a new dog owner or maybe someone who is experienced some of the dog’s emergencies movements. Well, how will you get to know if your dog needs emergency treatment?
First thing first. In many cases, dogs need emergency help. Therefore, there are few vital things which you should know.
First, check if it is breathing, and put a light in his pupil and see if he is responding to it or not. If NOT, then there is a problem. Next, check if its gums are grey, if it is grey then it is a problem. In this case, lay your dog on its right side and instantly start compression. Also, turn him upside down and try Heimlich manoeuvre. If you are unable to implement all the emergency actions mentioned above, then PLEASE DO NOT WAIT any longer. Just immediately take your pet to the nearest animal clinic for treatment.

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