24 Natural Home Remedies To Avoid A Trip To The Vet

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If you have a pet like a cat or a dog, then you must love them more than anything, and you take care of them more than yourself maybe. The maintenance of your pet health is your responsibility. Therefore, it is crucial to give them a proper diet to ensure a healthy life.
Usually, you have to take your dog or cat to the vet for parvo or rabies, but for minor diseases or routine bugs, it is tiresome to take your pet to the vet daily. Therefore, for solving these minor illnesses and problems, using home remedies is the best way.


Well, cats and dogs are just like humans when it comes to treatment. They need proper medicines and hospital visits for their treatment. However, like a human, the treatment of animals is also costly. Hence, there are a few all-time available ingredients in your home, which you can use as a remedy to make your lovely pet feel happy.

Within a few seconds, we are going to tell you 24 tips for your pet, which will save you many dollars and help yours in early recovery.


1. The first defense against fleas is good old soap and water

Source : PetMD

The dish soap helps to make fleas sink. So, if your puppy or cat is suffering through infestation, then you should bath them with dish soap, it will prevent your pet from bites of fleas until you kill them.

2. Give them a soothing comb

Source : Purinncats

The second tip follows the first tip. If the bugs have caught your pet, then when bathing your pet, run a comb from its fur, it will help the catch those bugs quickly.


3. Give your pet an outdoor uniform

Source : Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

If you take your cat or dog outside of your home for a walk or picnic, then you must make them wear some clothes. I know some of the readers may find it senseless, but it will save your pet from ticks.

4. Show your puppy’s paws some love

Source : The Tail waggers

Rough lands and high temperatures can hurt the paws of your dog. So, if your dog’s feet are damaged, then use some antibiotic cream to cure its pain.


5. Fight itchy skin with an oatmeal rub

Source : PetMD

To treat the itching or irritated skin of your puppy or kitty, you Mother Formula. Grind some oats and mix it with water and apply it on your pet skin. It will help your pet to get quick relief.

6. Make sure your puppy has his electrolytes

Source : Cuteness

Like humans, the animal also faces the problem of dehydration, diarrhea, or vomiting. If this is a case with your pet, then give them a sports drink for Hydration.

7. Double-check your pet’s food dish

Source : Psychology Today

Pet usually gets bald spots on their face which may probably cause due to plastic dishes. Therefore, you must get a metal bowl for your pet to prevent it from bacteria and also it will be easy for you to wash it.

8. Get that digestive tract moving

Source : Cesar’s way

As dogs start getting old, they face constipation problems. It can be a cure if you give them a can of prunes or pureed pumpkin to move along for a few days. Then, it can be helpful for your puppy.

9. Ask your vet about hydrogen peroxide

Source : Sykville Vet Clinic

If your pet is like other pets, who eat what they should not eat. Then a teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide with five-pound of its weight will let him vomit within 20 to 25 minutes. If you are unsure with the tip and feel that it can hurt your pet, then you must consult to vet.

10. Use diatomaceous earth to kill fleas

Source : The Meta Center

Fleas cause real irritation to your pet. However, Diatomaceous is helpful to kill them. You only need to sprinkle it on your carpet and vacuum it. It is unharmful for human and effective in killing fleas.

11. Tackle hotspots with good hygiene

Source : The bark

To treat hotspots on your pet skin, you need to clip the fur and clean that skin part with hydrogen peroxide. Also, use cortisone cream twice a day for early cure.

Cats usually get ear mites and ear buildup in their ears which are very painful. Therefore, take a cotton piece and dip it into vegetable oil and clean it.

13. Soothe irritated eyes with saline solution

Source : Vetwest

Seeping eyes is also one of the significant problems which usually pets get. In this case, saline drops are the best remedy, put a few drops of it daily several times. If it doesn’t cure after that, then you must take your pet to the vet.

14. Give your arthritic pet a soothing rub-down

Source : Cesar’s Way

Massage your elder pet. It will help to get some relief from pain. Also, see its reaction while massaging, to get a clear point where your pet is feeling pain.

15. Chase away skunk stench with tomato juice

Source : Sausage

Maybe you have experienced this before with your pet or not. But, seeing your pet getting wet in the skunk spray is a nightmare.
When a situation like this come upon you, then stay calm and immediately give bathe to your puppy with mixing hydrogen peroxide, then use tomato juice and apply on it fur for few minutes, then wash it.

16. Soothe angry bee and wasp stings

Source : BarkPost

If a bee knots with your pet’s fur, then use your credit card to take it out. After that, wash your pet with baking soda.
In case, your pet gets an allergic reaction then give it a “Benadryl” with a ratio of 1mg per 1 pound.

17. Soothe frozen paws with petroleum jelly

Source : Chewy

Applying petroleum jelly on your pet paws can protect them from collecting ice during winter.

18. Treat wounds with Epsom salts

Source : Wagwalking

Don’t ignore the wound of your pet. It is essential to treat your pet’s injury on time. Therefore, prepare a bandage of an Epsom salt and apply it on your pet’s wound. Also, if your pet loves to get wet, then give it a salt bath.

19. Soothe allergy-inflamed ears

Source : All about cat

If your pet feels irritation in its ear, then you can give it a relief by using distilled white vinegar and cold tea. Soak cotton in its mixture and apply it on to the affected area.

20. Try Borax powder for fleas

Copyright : Borax for fleas

The borax powder can prevent your home from flea-bombing. Just sprinkle in in your home and then vacuum it.

21. Knock that gas out

Copyright : Dogs without borders

If your dog has a smelly gas issue, then add some fennel seeds in its food one time a day.

22. Try some yogurt to tighten the tummy

Copyright : Rover

Mixing yogurt in your dog food can prevent it from scoots. It will help to control the digestive system and immerging diarrhea.

23. Use lemons and limes to banish fleas

Copyright : Cuteness

Applying lemon juice on your pet can prevent him from flea because fleas don’t like citrus. It can be helpful to give your pet some relief.

24. Keep your dog’s coat healthy with homemade shampoo

Copyright : AKC

When giving a bath to your puppy or kitty, don’t use shampoos which are made for human use. You must mix some white distilled vinegar, room temperature water, and dish soap; it will come up as a bacteria-preventing comfortable dog wash, which helps to nourish its mood and health.

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