8 Hair Washing Mistakes You May Be Making

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Washing your hair may seem like an easy and simple task. But unintentionally, you can make some mistakes that can lead to many hair problems such as, scalp infections, breakage, and hair dehydration. And here are some tips that can prove as a game-changer, giving you a “fresh salon” look.


On this website, we will discuss some of the mistakes which you do while washing your hair. If you will prevent the following mistakes, your hair will be healthy and shiny.

8 – Shampooing your hair frequently:

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Medical specialists say that, for keeping your hair clean, it is not necessary to use shampoo every time you wash your hair. For removal of visible dirt, rinsing hair 2 3 times a week is enough. The rich lather created by shampoo can lead to the removal of necessary oil from your hair. To keep your hair healthy, oil plays a vital role, as it retains moisture and protects it from damage.


7 – Not rinsing hair thoroughly and using more shampoo:

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Before applying shampoo, rinse your hair enough for more than 1 minute. It is helpful in the removal of any kind of residue from the previous hair product you use. Allowing your hair to get completely wet before shampooing is an important step in washing it effectively. The shampoo will get better and spread evenly if your hair is wet from top to bottom. Also, when you are washing your hair, it will prevent the use of more shampoo.

6 – Applying hair conditioner after shampoo:

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Usually. After using shampoo, we apply conditioner on our hair. But for some types of hair, a reverse routine actually works well. Applying conditioner before shampoo will make your hair look longer. This method performs better for fine hair which requires moisture, but most conditioners can weigh it down and make it even more oily.


5 – Applying shampoo to the ends:

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You can damage the roots of your hair if you are shampooing the ends and adding something extra to the remaining hair. Usually, the roots are oily, so it’s better to apply shampoo on the scalp instead of the ends of your hair. Due to the dryness of the ends, applying shampoo on them makes them look more dehydrated.

4 – Scrubbing scalp with nails:

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If you will scrub the scalp thoroughly, it can cause abrasions and many scalp infections. When they get wet, the hair becomes more fragile, and vigorous scrubbing can cause breakage, tangling, and weakening of the follicles. Softly massage your hair with palms and fingers to wash your hair better. 


3 – Using hot water for washing hair:

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The mild temperature of the water is best for washing hair. Washing your hair with warm water can make it easier to break and weaken your locks. Using moderately warm water can help to loosen the hair cuticles. As a result, hair absorbs oil well and moisturizes better after conditioner. In the end, It’s better to rinse hair with cold water because it will assist in closing cuticles and keep your hair away from heat.

2 – Applying conditioner to the scalp:

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If you will apply conditioner on the scalp, it will lead to more oily roots. Your hair and the ends need a lot of hydration. Applying conditioner too or around your scalp can cause clog on your hair, slow down hair growth, and increase the production of oil.

1 – Brushing wet hair:

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There is no harm in brushing wet hair because hair is in its weakest state when it’s wet. Drying your hair with a towel can lead to damaged strands. The best way to dry your hair safely is to pat it gently and let it dry naturally.

Final thoughts:

These were some of the common hair washing mistakes. These mistakes can result in hair damage and dehydration of hair. Avoid doing such mistakes for healthy hair and If you know some other mistakes then share with us in the comment box below.

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