A Little Something To Keep The Dog Warm

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The basic idea behind something like a jacket for dog is that it will look really cute and fun on your furry friend but is it really functional and useful. The basic problem is that the dog is already designed with a way in which to keep himself warm through his fur that is what it is therefore. The jacket idea being a little silly as the dog is obviously already capable of staying warm with the natural fur coat that he was born with which will keep him perfectly warm. The basic idea being that the jackets for dogs rather being a very silly idea as the dogs tend to be able to keep themselves warm and are in no need of further warmth through the service a special jacket made specifically for dogs. The thing with this kind of idea is that it is more of like a special kind of accessory for your dog as opposed to a functional piece of clothing that will cover the dog up keep him warm. The basic thing being that the use for the jacket is not necessarily of nature to make sure that the dog is warm and covered up but to just give the dog something pretty to wear.


The idea with something like dog jackets is that they are cool and good looking making furry little friend looking cool and awesome. Basically the idea being that the dog is already covered in fur and is in no need of extra covering or of something to keep him warm. In essence the idea of functionality is completely not thought of in regard to the design of the jackets as the dog not really in need of such winter apparel. The thing being then of course what is the real reason behind the design and creation of such unimportant apparel for dogs which are in essence useless.

Thing to remember in the design in such things as dog jackets is that they are not necessarily created in order to serve the purpose that a jacket would usually serve such as to keep warm and dry. The thing is that the jackets are basically there to look cool and pretty and awesome. They are not meant to necessarily as they are obviously not going to keep a animal covered in fur warm. The basic idea being that the jackets are a kind of accessory for the little dogs to wear that make them look awesome. The jackets therefore being more of a use in order to make sure that the dog are properly attired and adorned so as to add somewhat of a extra awesomeness to their owners.

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