Diabetic Dog Food

Diabetic dog food is crucial to your treatment of dog diabetes. Diabetes is a disease without a cure but is possible to get it stabilized.Your part as an owner is very important.

Without you and your dedication – no treatment is possible. To know basic about the disease and how you manage it is important. When should you think and be concerned about diabetes mellitus in your dog?

The main dog diabetes symptoms you probably know already:

  • Increased water
  • Increased appetite
  • Weight loss


The blood glucose is rising because of lack of body insulin. In general, there are three different causes for this to happen in dog diabetes

The main treatment is to give Insulin one or two times a day. I often recommend two times as this makes the glucose levels more stable helped by a good diabetic dog food. There are two different types of insulin.

It is the duration of its activity which is the main difference between them. The goal in the treatment is to maintain a normal level of glucose in the blood, and to make the glucose enter the cells. Insulin is given as injections only

What is Best Diabetic Dog Food?

It is important not to give food in where blood sugar is rising very fast as the insulin can’t keep up to it.

The blood level of sugar will be too high for too long. That’s why it is crucial to give food that will nourish the blood with glucose during some hours. Typical this would be food with low GI

Home made diet – could be a possibility. Remember that the diet should fit in your life.

Feeding diabetic dogs could be very difficult and cooking your own diabetic food you main focus should be (this is very important); The food must contain the same amount carbohydrates every time (because you are giving a fixed dose of insulin) to keep the balance

This is possible – but it will take time. If that’s OK with you, get on in the kitchen and be “Le Chef”.

If not – you could choose a prepared canine diabetes diet. Same amount of food will always give the same amount of glucose in the same amount of time. If this fits better into your day program – perfect! Then you just have to adjust walks and insulin dosage and you will be “up and running” together with your dog

In general the best diabetic dog food contain less than 50% energy from carbohydrates and often its corn,wheat, barley and shogun as these are digested slowly.

If the carbohydrates content are low more energy is coming from the proteins. As much as 30-45% of the energy can be from proteins without problems.

The fat content is reduced to reduce the risk from creating pancreas problems. No more than 20-30% of the energy from fat is necessary.

Balance Is The Key

After a meal the nourishment gets absorbed from the gut into the blood. The bloodsugar will rise and insulin from the pancreas gets the sugar inside in all the cells. Insulin brings glucose into the “engine” where it is “burned” and this generates energy to the cell. The balance between insulin and bloodsugar is on automatic in normal dogs.

In dogs with diabetes – you give the insulin instead of the body regulating it.

The treatment success – this is really the fundamental key to happy dog life – give the insulin when glucose is in the blood. Not too much as this will lower the bloodsugar too much. Not too little as this will bring to little sugar into the cells. No fuel means no energy. This is the balance.

And is being controlled by:

  • Amount and type of food
  • Amount of insulin
  • Amount of physical activity

Perfect treatment would be:

  • Give the amount of food which the body need to maintain it self and maintain its activity level.
  • This in the combination with the right amount of insulin (which take the energy into the cells)
  • The insulin should be active in that period where “food is in the blood”

Balance between these. That’s the goal.

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