Dog Food For Diabetic Dogs

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A dog that has been diagnosed with diabetes has a very serious health concern to deal with. In order to keep it under control you will need to work closely with the vet. Providing your dog with the right foods is an important step in helping them to be as healthy as possible. Diabetes can’t be cured but a dog can still live a long and wonderful live with it under the right conditions.

If your dog isn’t eating well when diabetes is present then it can progress into more advanced stages. At that point the body will begin to shut down because the vital organs can’t perform their duties as they should be. Your dog may be eating lots of food but the body can’t process the vitamins and nutrients in it. Being well informed about what your dog’s diet should be like if they have diabetes is very important.

Avoid giving your dog foods that have been processed. You will find that this is going to eliminate most of the types of dog food from the store for you to purchase. There are some higher quality foods there but you will have to pay more for the. Talk to your vet about the best brands to provide your dog with. They may be able to order it for you when you need it if other stores in the area don’t carry a good selection.

The diet for our dog needs to be very high in the various essential fatty acids. This includes Omega -3. The food also needs to have a high percentage of protein offered in it. A dog with diabetes needs to consume more protein on a daily basis than a normal dog. You will find more of this offered in wet dog foods than the dry varieties. It can be quite a switch for your dog but they will get used to it in time.

Your vet may ask you to add certain types of supplements to the foods your dog consumes. This is going to be to help ensure they do get all of the vitamins and nutrients that they need. Feeding your dog several small meals each day rather than only one time is a good way to help the body process those nutrients easier. You will want to make sure you don’t feed your dog too much either. Part of controlling diabetes is keeping weight under control.

If you have the time, making your dog food is the best way to take care of diabetic needs. Then you can be certain all of the ingredients are good quality for your dog to be consuming. There are plenty of recipes online for dog food that a diabetic can eat so you won’t have to guess about what to include in such a product. You can make small batches for the week or larger ones for an entire month. Just freeze what you won’t use immediately so it doesn’t rot. pet.

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