Dog Training Advices

Are you tired of your dog running away when you take it for a walk? Or tired of teaching it, what to do and what not to? Here are some dog training advices for you, to keep your dog from running off while going for a walk.

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The reason why they pull is because your dog gets excited when it is taken for a walk or it thinks that it is the leader of the pack, hence it tries to take control as a leader. Whenever you take your dog for a walk and when you put the leash on it, the dog gets excited. So wait till it calms down and allow it to settle down. Then take it for a walk.

If the dog is not excited but is still pulling you, then it might be thinking that it is the leader of the pack. So make sure that it knows that you are its leader and train it accordingly.

An important thing while training your dog is, you should start training your dog starting from its puppyhood. If the dog has more than one trainer then it wouldn’t learn much, because it would get confused. Dogs are not as intelligent as humans, so you should train the dog individually, so that it understands what you are trying to teach. And when it does a trick or anything correctly reward it with something. So that it knows what it did was correct.

If your dog has a digging habit, make sure it is not digging to cool itself. If that’s the case then give your dog a bath or let it play in water, so that it doesn’t feel the heat. If your dog is digging simply, then put big stones at the places where it digs usually so that it can’t dig anymore. And the habit will stop eventually.

While executing a command make sure that your voice is low and pleasant, so that the dogs will happily follow your command. If you use a harsh voice the dog might get startled and become unresponsive.

A few things that a frustrated owner should know:

First of all, remember the dog is not a human being. The problem is that we try to communicate with the dogs from our point of view. But you forget that the dog doesn’t understand the way we understand things.

Secondly, dogs don’t speak English. Do you think that your dog understands everything you speak? No, it’s just the tone of your voice rather than the words.

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