Here’s what dogs are saying when they cuddle you (Plus 74 other reasons behind what they do)

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Every dog owner has found themselves looking at their pet and wondering what they were thinking and feeling. You’ve no doubt noticed your dog doing something bizarre that made you wonder what was going on in their head. Even how a dog sleeps can send a message about their mental state. Here are some of the most common dog behaviors, as well as what they mean.


1- Staring

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Even a low-maintenance dog loves to have your attention and focus. When dogs stare at you it’s not something to be creeped out by, it just means that they want your attention and affection. Just be careful not to stare back; they may see it as a challenge.

2- Open Mouth and High Ears

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If you see a dog with their mouth open and ears up – but their tail is relaxed – it means they are neutral and relaxed in their surroundings. This is the best time to approach a dog that you don’t know.


3- Howling

© Source : Animal Channel

IF your dog howls at the most inappropriate time, it’s likely that they’ve heard something. Dogs like to howl in response when they hear a high-pitched sound such as a siren. It’s possible that they do this because it hurts their ears or annoys them, but we don’t know for sure.

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4- Puppy Dog Eyes

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Who doesn’t love when their dog gives them those adorable puppy eyes? It’s enough to make you melt and many people give their pup a treat when they do it. That said, the look is their way of telling you that they love you and they trust you. Though they’ll no doubt love the treat too!

5- Awaiting Approval

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If your dog looks at you before they do something, it’s a sign that they respect you and want to know your opinion. They understand that you are in charge and they don’t want to upset you, so they’ll wait for your approval first.


6- Squinting/Blinking

© source : Clon_Phoenix via flickr

When your dog squints or blinks at you, it means they are ready to enjoy some quality time together. Dogs commonly display this behavior if they feel you haven’t been giving them enough love lately. So make sure to give them some time as it’s best for all involved.

7- Tongue Out

© Source : ppaufelix via flickr

When a dog studies you with their tongue out, it means that they are happy and relaxed. It’s usually the face they make after they get the attention that they need.

8- Intense Eye Contact

© Source : Animal Channel

Who wouldn’t want to know they are their loved one’s center of attention? If your dog is making intense eye contact with you it means they are focused on just you. They are on high alert and are taking notice of your expressions and expectations of them.

9- Forward Ears and Pointed Tail

© Source : Animal Channel

This means that your furry friend is curious about something around them. Perhaps they’ve smelled something new and interesting, or they’ve heard something new. Whatever it is, they’re now ready to learn more about it.

10- Floppy Tongue

© Source : Animal Channel

If your dog’s tongue is flopping and hanging out, they are feeling very chill. This is how dogs say that nothing is wrong at all and all is okay.

11- Bared Teeth and Snarling

© Source : Animal Channel

This one sounds obvious, but it’s always worth reminding people what it looks like when a dog is angry and aggressive. If your dog gets like this, they feel threatened and are warning away their enemy. Never approach a dog that is in this state. Even if it’s not you they are angry at, they could still lash out at you over it.

12- Rising Bark

© Source : Animal Channel

If your dog barks out low and it rises in pitch, it means they are excited and ready to play a game or two with you.

13- Low Growls

© Source : Animal Channel

A low growl means that your dog is afraid and anxious. Scared animals of any kind are unpredictable. Don’t surprise them when they get nervous. There’s no telling what they’ll do.

14- Crazy Legs

© Source : Animal Channel

If your dog sleeps with their limbs stuck up in the air, then it means they are vulnerable and submissive. Not every dog sleeps like that, but the ones that do are laid back, independent, and totally secure in their surroundings.

15- “Superman” Sleeping

© Source : Animal Channel

When your dog sleeps on their belly with their limbs splayed out in a “Superman” pose, it is a sign that they are energic and have finally ran out of energy. Puppies often sleep like this as it allows them to spring back up and get back to playing when they’ve rested.

16- Side Sleeping

© Source : Animal Channel

Dogs generally don’t sleep on their side too long. It’s more of a napping position. Dogs that do this have a deep trust in their “pack” and have strong familial bonds. If your dog does this, they are likely carefree and happy.

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