Homemade Ear Cleaning Solutions For Dogs

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Keeping your dog’s ears clean is a good idea. It will help to reduce the chances of your dog getting a serious bacterial infection. There are some great ear cleaning solutions you can easily make at home too. The use of all natural ingredients helps to ensure you don’t introduce your dog to something that can irritate the ears.


Most of the ingredients you need may already be in your house somewhere. If not, you can easily get them from your pharmacy or health food location. These ingredients include 2 ounces of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of boric acid, 1 tablespoon of Betadine which is an antiseptic, and 6 ounces of rubbing alcohol. If you need to buy any of these ingredients the good news is that they are very low priced.

Another homemade ear cleaning solution you can make is to mix equal parts of warm water with hydrogen peroxide. This is a good solution to use if you notice your dog seems to get a large build up of wax. You can do the same thing by mixing equal parts of warm water with white vinegar.


There are some natural ingredients you can buy at health food stores to make a great natural ear cleaning solution. They include 16 ounces of witch hazel, 4 tablespoons of boric acid, and 4 tablespoons of violet solution. Shake the mixture well and then add it to the dog’s ears with an eye dropper. A few drops in each ear is all you need.

Make sure you use clean products including cloths, q-tips, and cotton balls to apply any of these homemade ear cleaning solutions to your dog. Being sterile and sanitary with everything you use will help to ensure they work as you would like them to. Otherwise you can risk actually placing dirt and debris inside of the ears.


The frequency for adding this mixture to the ears of a dog depends on the types of problems he or she has had in the past. If the ears aren’t bothersome then do it once a month. For a dog that has experienced many rounds with ear infections, a weekly treatment may be more what is needed to prevent them in the future.

Any time you make a homemade ear cleaning solution for your dog, make sure you mix it well in a clean plastic container. If the bottle you mix it in is contaminated then you could end up introducing some type of bacteria to your dog’s ears. That will be defeating the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish in the first place.


You never want to use any type of homemade ear cleaning solution on a dog though when they have some type of infection going on. Allow your vet to help you find the right solution based on their needs. From there, you can follow the process and make sure your dog is 100% healed up. Then you can move forward with one of the homemade ear cleaning solutions.

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