How I Know My Dog Has Separation Anxiety – Guide To Manage Depressed And Anxious Dogs

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Puppy Separation Anxiety: Why it happens?


All dog owners are aware of peculiar behavior of their dogs once they are left alone to themselves. Dogs often react differently when they are left alone at home. If you are a working person with a dog, you may be regularly dismayed to find out your dog has been causing destruction to your home in your absence. If your dog does this regularly maybe it suffers from Dog Separation Anxiety.

Do all dogs suffer with this anxiety if left alone?


It is important to know that not all dogs suffer from this anxiety disorder. Dogs are traditionally used to live in packs. If you stay out of home for long hours, it is obvious that the dog starts feeling lonely and to some extent scared when left alone. Some dogs get used to being left alone and may end up sleeping most part of the day, such dogs do not suffer with dog separation anxiety. You should also know if your dog suffers from this anxiety it is not a serious problem most of the times, in fact this anxiety can be cured by you alone.

How do I know my dog suffers from dog separation anxiety?


There is a difference between a dog who suffers from this anxiety and a dog who is trying to entertain itself by chewing things around the house. Dog depression symptoms for a dog suffering from separation anxiety:

  • Chewing: Your dog chews stuff only in your absence. When you are at home your dog is well behaved and rarely needs to chew on anything. Your dog chews only on that stuff which smells of you and none other. You dog could therefore chew on your underwear, your socks, shoes, hairbrush, etc. When a dog suffers from this anxiety it wants to be near you.
  • Barking, whining and such noises: If your dog whines or barks almost all the time when you are not at home, it suffers from this anxiety. Your dog may not bark or whine at all unless required when you are at home.
  • Sticks to you: If your dog impatiently awaits your return and gives you a wild welcome the moment you return, your dog could be suffering from this anxiety. Such dogs also tend to stick to the owner once he returns. They also tend to sleep near the owner; such dogs do not wish to be left alone once the owner is at home.

It is also important to know that any dog can suffer from this anxiety. This anxiety is not limited to pets of single owners. This anxiety can be triggered with separation of any member of your family. Your dog will remain anxious until this member of the family comes back. Proper training is must to manage separation anxiety of puppies.


What triggers this anxiety?

Any action or series of actions which denotes that the person is going away from home can trigger the anxiety. It could be actions like combing hair, wearing socks and shoes, etc. can trigger this reaction. An anxious dog can start following the owner, the moment the owner steps out of home, the dog may start on the typical behavior.

After how long will the anxiety start, how long does it take to start the anxiety?

Almost always anxiety might be triggered almost immediately after the owner or the person is ready to move out of the house. At times this anxiety could start after some time. In acute cases, anxiety may start immediately even if the owner has left the home only for 30 minutes or less.

How long will it take to calm down the dog?

Dogs suffering from separation anxiety calm down almost immediately after they are sure that the owner is home for good. Such dogs may start by being extra affectionate to the owner or the person. These dogs tend to stay with the owner all the time after the return. Dogs suffering from this anxiety do not feel any guilt over the damage they have done inside the home.In some extreme cases you need to consult vet for anxiety medication for dogs.

This anxiety is not difficult to deal with. Proper observation of anxiety triggers and study of your dog will help you train your dog easily to withstand separation instantly. Training a new puppy is extremely important otherwise your puppy will suffer from pet separation anxiety.

You should have detailed information for better dog care to manage canine seperation anxiety. I found Daniel Steven’s book sit stay fetch is an excellent on line resource to manage canine separation anxiety. Read sit stay fetch review to get more info on dog training.

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