How to Introduce Your Dog to New Baby

5 Dog Training Tips on How to Introduce Your Dog to New Baby

Everybody gets so excited when a new baby arrives. However, this is the time when the best dog training advice is needed more than ever. Introducing a new baby to a dog is very important for both the baby and the canine (dog). Everyone wants the dog to get along with the baby and the crucial first moments can be stressful for everyone. Follow some simple steps and the moment of bringing home the baby can be both smooth and reassuring for you and your dog.


#1 Prepare Your Dog with the New Baby Smell

Dogs have a keen sense of smell. You can take advantage of this sense of smell by using baby powder and baby lotion around the house. Simply switch your regular lotion to baby lotion. This will allow your dog to get used to the new baby smell before the baby arrives. When you vacuum sprinkle baby powder around the house.


#2 Prepare Your Dog with the New Baby Sounds

Try to find some sounds of baby crying. You can find these on the Internet. Play these at night and throughout the day. This will get your dog used to hearing the new sounds. Also, play lullabies and other nursery rhymes in your house.

#3 Take a Stroller Out for a Walk

Your dog will need to get used to walking with a stroller. This will be easier to learn when you and your dog are not stressed with a baby. You and your dog will have to learn a new stride. Trust me, as a dog trainer; it will be much simpler to teach your dog how to walk with a stroller before you have the baby.


#4 Block Off the Nursery

As much as your dog loves the baby, it should not be allowed inside the nursery. A gate should be set up to stop it from going in. You can begin teaching your dog not to go inside before the baby is born. This may sound harsh but it is for the best.

My dogs are trained to stop at the door line. They patiently “guard” the door but do not cross the line. You just do not want any accidents happening around the baby.


#5 The Introduce Yourself First

When you do come home with the baby, let Daddy hold the baby. Your dog will miss you and will want to greet you. This is not the time to introduce the baby. Greet your dog and let your dog settle down before introducing the new baby. Once the dog has settled down, let the dog gently smell the baby being extra careful.


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