Human Meds For Dogs

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There is plenty of differences when it comes to the chemical make up of the human body and that of a dog. That is why you can’t just go to your own medicine cabinet and find medications to give to your pet. Some of them are safe though and widely used. Others can result in serious health problems for your dog.

Benedryl is one of the types of over the counter medication that humans can safely give to their dogs. This can help with reducing allergic reactions, skin inflammations, and even car sickness. The dose for dogs needs to be more than that which is offered for humans. Dramamine is another common human medication used for car sickness, and it seems to be one that is safe for dogs to use too.

For the reduction of pain, aspirin is safe to give to dogs. It can be a temporary solution at night or on the weekend until an appointment with a vet can be scheduled during normal office hours. If your dog seems to have a cut inside of the mouth or bleeding gums, have them swallow some hydrogen peroxide. It won’t burn and it won’t hurt them internally. However, it will help to kill various types of bacteria that may be in their mouth.

An upset stomach is very common for dogs. Diarrhea can be a symptom of other health problems. Both of these problems can be lessened through the use of Pepto Bismol. Dogs seem to like the flavor of it so they will consume it quickly. It is also available in a chewable pill if you don’t want to mess with the liquid version of it.

Mineral oil can safely be given to dogs that suffer from constipation. Giving your dog a tablespoon of it a couple of times during the day should help to take care of the problem. If these types of remedies don’t offer your dog the relieve you are searching for though within a day or two you will want to see what the vet has to say about it.

Human meds for dogs aren’t a substitution for the medical care that they may need. When your dog is suffering from chronic health problems such as these again and again it is time to find out what the underlying issue really is. That way a solution for the problem can be found rather than just covering it up.

Prescription medications for humans should never be given to dogs. They need to be carefully evaluated by a vet and then a prescription for them offered if there is a need for it. Taking matters into your own hands with such medications isn’t a good idea. Something that is safe for you to take could prove to be toxic for a dog.

In fact, giving a dog prescription medications for humans can cause severe damage to the kidneys and the liver. You certainly don’t want to be responsible for creating such health problems for a pet you love.

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