If You Own A Dog, Here Are 30+ Things You Should Never Do To Them

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Man’s best friend… good boys… good girls… dogs touch that part of us that makes us bleed love. They make perfect housemates, amazing travel buddies and unbelievably good wingmen. An interesting study by students of the Northern University in Boston found that human beings tend to show more empathy to dogs than to other humans! (It rests to question whether or not this is a good thing) Other studies suggest that dogs too are sensitive to our emotions. It is undoubtable, then, that the connection between human beings and dogs is, among many other things, special.

If you have a dog, you are truly to be envied and if you are planning on getting one, we wish you a lifelong friend. Apart from barking, howling, whimpering or running in circles, dogs do relatively little in the way of directly communicating with human beings. While this does not blind us from noticing when our canine friends are excited or happy, it can present a menacing challenge when it comes to observing their discomfort. This is partly because most of the irregular behaviour observed from dogs is attributed to hostility and aggression rather than pain or discomfort. Resultantly, many dog owners notice several cancers, diarrhoea and infections many stages into their onset while remaining blind to the many habits of theirs that may have endangered their dogs to begin with. Sadly, some owners have lost their canine friends for lack of knowing what may be bad for them. Pestilence like the parvovirus and many nefarious dog diseases all come with exposing your dog to some of the things listed in this article.

It’s no easy work to look after a dog, yet many dog owners lovingly endeavour to give only the very best of food, shelter and love to their dear friends. It is unfortunate, but even some of the most mundane activities we enjoy with our dogs could, when not properly carried out, put our dogs in harm’s way. What are some of these activities? What dangers do they present to our dog? What alternatives are there to seemingly harmless activities that could make your dog sick or worse? This article will consider, at length, over 30 things you never want to do to your dog. It will help you to couple your love for dogs with the skill to take care of them well. So if you own a dog, here are 30+ things you never want top do to them:

 1) Exercise Too Much

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Dogs are playful animals that need a lot of exercise, but you can overdo it and work them too hard. Dogs can easily become overheated and they need to rest. You should play with your dog of course, but don’t overdo things.

2) Forget to Groom Them

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You should never forget to groom your dog. Even a short-haired dog needs the occasional trim. Also don’t forget to give them regular baths.

3) Forget Their Flea Treatment

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Fleas can be a real problem for dogs. Don’t let fleas bother your dog by not treating them properly. Your furry buddy is sure to appreciate you taking care of the pests.

4) Put the Dog in a Truck Bed

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You might think it’s a good idea to let your dog ride in the truck bed, but you’d be wrong. Dogs can jump out, be thrown out of the truck, or just get hurt by the movement of the truck. Keep your dog in the cab, or put them in a crate or carrier, or tether them with a leash to secure them when driving.

5) Forget to Trim Their Nails

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Dogs should have their claws trimmed regularly. Dogs can wear their nails down on hard surfaces when they go outside, but they need to get them clipped if they stay inside. Clipping your dog’s nails helps them walk easier and prevents your dog from scratching themselves too much.

6) Leave Them Chained

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You can tie your dog out for a little while, but you should never leave them there too long. They get anxious and depressed when chained up. Let them run around and play.

7) Avoid the Vet

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Vet bills can be expensive, but vets also keep your pets healthy and can save their lives. Dogs should be taken to the vets for regular checkups. Don’t try to diagnose your dog at home if they get sick. Leave it to the professionals.

8) Pet from Above

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You might be used to petting the top of your dog’s head but, in fact, they aren’t big fans of it themselves. They like to be able to see your hand. If they can’t, they can get scared. You should pet them at an angle where they can see your hand and what you are doing.

9) Be So Lenient

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It can be difficult to make your puppy behave because they’re so cute you don’t want to tell them off, but you shouldn’t let them get the run of the place. Dogs need structure and discipline. They crave it. If you want a well-behaved pooch, you need to set ground rules and stick to them. Don’t worry, your dog won’t be upset about them.

10) Stare at Them

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Dogs can be lovely to look at, but you should never stare them in the eyes. Dogs take that as a threat and a sign of aggression. You can look at them all you want, just don’t stare them down.

11) Take Them on The Same Boring Walks

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You may have a walking routine for your dog, but you should mix things up occasionally. Dogs love exploring and learning new things. Take a new route or go somewhere new to make the walk more exciting for your dog. Don’t stick to the same tired routine.

12) Confuse Them with Affection

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Dogs need to learn right from wrong but they aren’t able to do that if you give them affection when they’re in trouble. You shouldn’t snuggle or hug your dog when they do something wrong, even if they give you those irresistible puppy dog eyes. You need to be firm. When your dog understands what they can and can’t do better, they are less likely to get in trouble in the first place.

13) Allow Them to Pull You

You should make sure that you lead when walking your dog. Don’t let them lead you around. Never let them pull you if you can help it. Show your dog who is in charge to make walking a smoother experience for you and your dog.

14) Forget to Spay or Neuter

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Spaying and neutering pets does more than just help population control. It also makes your dog calmer and can improve their health. Talk to your vet about when would be the right time to have them neutered. Your dog might not respond well to being neutered at first, but it’s impossible to deny the long-term benefits.

15) Use the Wrong Collar

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Your dog needs to keep their collar on at all times. Make sure you choose a comfortable collar they wouldn’t mind keeping on. It shouldn’t be too big and it shouldn’t be too tight. Avoid using choker collars as they can cause anxiety in your dog and aren’t worth the hassle.

16) Feed Them Table Scraps

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Don’t give in to your dog when they beg you for scraps from the table. They aren’t supposed to have human food as it can be bad for them. Even if there are no problems right now, problems can develop over time. Be sure to give your dog dog food.

17) Walk on Hot Concrete

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Hot ground and concrete can hurt your furry friend’s paws. Most people never stop to consider that the sidewalk could be too hot for their dog. Try to stay in the shade when walking them on a hot day and avoid taking them across harmful surfaces.

18) Let Kids Jump on Them

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Children can get on well with dogs, but you shouldn’t sit by while they are aggravating them and climbing all over them. Even the softest and gentlest dog has their breaking point. You don’t want to see your dog bite your kid. Teach kids more about how to respect animals and play with them.

19) Forget to Give Them Water

While you should definitely give your dog water, you need to be sure to give them more than enough. They take a lot of water. They can become dehydrated or even develop heat stroke without proper water supply. Make sure they’ve got a lot of fresh water.

20) Shave Them in the Summer

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If you have a hairy dog, then you may be tempted to shave them come the summer. However, shaving your dog can do more harm than good. Their fur keeps their skin safe from the sun. Shaving them could cause sunburn and other sun-related damage.

21) Leave Them in a Hot Car

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Dogs overheat – and they overheat even faster on hot days and in cars. People tend to think there isn’t a problem with leaving their pets in their car, but trust us when we say that’s one of the worst things you can do.

22) Feed Them Too Much

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Your dog definitely looks adorable when they beg for food. Overfeeding them can be bad for their health. They don’t always know when they’ve had enough. So, be sure to stick to a good feeding schedule so your dog gets enough food without overfeeding them.

23) Forget About Their Teeth

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If you’re going to take care of your own teeth, you should remember to take care of your dog’s. There are plenty of products and treats for doggy dental health, but do’t forget to regularly take them to the vet for dental checkups too.

24) Hit Them

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Sometimes dealing with a dog can get frustrating, but you should never hit them. They don’t understand physical abuse and being hit. Smacking them just makes training them more difficult. There are other, better, ways to discipline your dog.

25) Use a Crate as Punishment

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Speaking of discipline, you shouldn’t use their crate as a punishment. It should be somewhere they enjoy being. Using it as a form of discipline makes training them even more difficult because it confuses them.

26) Wear a Muzzle

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You shouldn’t put a muzzle on them too much. Muzzling a dog may be necessary if they are aggressive, but you shouldn’t use a muzzle to keep them quiet. They are stressful for dogs and can be painful if left on too long.

27) Let Them Run Loose in the Neighborhood

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You should never let your dog walk freely around the neighborhood on their own. It’s best to keep them in a fenced yard. Dogs easily get lost, hurt, or even stolen when wandering around on their own.

28) Assume They Are Like Cats

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You may think that your dog and cat get along well, but you shouldn’t leave them alone for too long. They could attack each other. Make sure to stick with them for a while until they get on well enough to be left alone.

29) Forget to Check Them for Ticks

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Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors are most at-risk of getting ticks, but they can still get ticks if they spend a lot of time inside. Be sure to check them for ticks often. Not only do ticks hurt your dog and make them uncomfortable, but they can also make them sick.

30) Yell at Them

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Don’t yell at your dog when you get mad at them. Yelling scares and confuses them and can cause them to shut down. You’ll get much better results from them if you are firm but calm with them.

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