My dog is bored : 10 ways to stimulate his dog mentally?

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Many dogs are bored and their brain activity is relatively reduced by our sedentary lifestyle. Using all or most of your dog’s meals for this type of activity is easy to set up and will give your companion a task to do. Mental stimulation is essential to meet your natural needs and help you cope with stress and boredom. Here are some ideas that will boost your companion’s life:

1. Use food-dispensing toys:

They are precious allies in breaking the boredom of dogs and responding to their nature to use the olfactory and physical sense to find food.

The bowl is actually the worst anthropomorphic invention of the century. Eating your entire meal in 30 seconds is not very interesting and is ultimately frustrating enough for you and your dog.

These games are also used to introduce puppies to a sense of tolerance towards frustration. It is a good way to teach them to be patient and to accept that in life, you don’t have the things you want right away.

They are also widely used to accustom his puppy to being alone. You never leave your partner alone without these great hobbies. There is nothing like it for him to associate his moments of loneliness with a positive experience.

You will find in the shops a whole range of toy distributors. The most famous is the Kong toy. It can be filled with whatever you want, croquettes, fresh food, peanuts butter, fresh cheese, sweets… The dog must take the food out and then lick his toy carefully. The meal will be taken in 5 to 30 minutes according to the recipes introduced (another article will give you more information on this subject). There are also kibble dispensers like The Pipolino, which is very effective and will tire your dog as much as a walk.

There are also interactive toys that aim to mentally stimulate the dog. He has to solve a game (more or less difficult puzzle) using his nose, paws, sense of smell… The most famous are those of Nina Ottosson.

2. Chew:

The chewing activity is very mentally and physically healthy for your dog. It is a natural behaviour and very beneficial to the puppy’s development.

3. Hiding food:

Hiding your dog’s food in your home or garden rather than putting it in his bowl is simple and effective.

At first, hide small piles of kibble so that he can find it quickly. Then you will make the game more and more difficult for the greatest happiness of your dog.

4. Research games :

A new canine sport in full development and one of the only ones that can be practiced easily at home.

Dogs have a very developed sense of smell and will love to look for objects that may seem worthless to them, such as a tea bag or a money ticket, and then be rewarded for this task. Your dog will amaze you!

5. Play hide and seek!

Hiding is a great way to train your dog to rappel. Hide when your dog or puppy is in another room than you, call him only once. When he has found you, praise him and start a game or give him a treat.

Adapt the hiding places according to your dog’s understanding of the game. We don’t want to demotivate him to look for you. The whole family can play this game. Hide each other in turn. While your partner is searching for one of the family members, another is hiding and so on. Your dog will have a great time. Be careful, don’t use your reminder signal for this game, just call it once by its name.

6. Playing with your dog:

Work on your dog’s self-control by playing the traction game, for example. He must not take the toy before the “Ok” or “take” signal. He must also give it immediately.

At home, training your dog while playing should be a daily routine.

7. Teach your dog new tricks:

“Give me your paw, roll, turn, play nice, you’re dead, back off…”. By using the shaping technique, you will make your dog’s brains work. This action, in addition to improving your companion’s attention and confidence in you, will relieve stress and boredom. Finally your dog will impress your friends.

8. Visual discrimination :

This activity requires a lot of patience from the master and concentration from the dog.

Teaching your dog to differentiate between toys, for example, is a very good mental exercise and will exhaust your dog.

9. Invite his best friends to your home:

Do some Dog Sitting. You have an afternoon off and the weather is gloomy. Call friends who have a dog that gets along well with yours. Be sure to choose where you will let them play. They will soon be exhausted.

10: Dog massages:

Dog massages strengthen the bond between man and animal, provide a state of well-being for the dog and reduce stress. They promote muscle and nervous relaxation and activate blood circulation. Take a break from your day by taking some time for both of you.

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