Put an End to Aggressive Dog Behaviour

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Aggressive canine behaviour is usually a unpleasant problem for dog owners. It seems like reports of mauling come in everyday where children, adults and other animals get hurt or killed. Careful attention and positive habits are vital in controlling aggressive dogs.


Some dog owners are very irresponsible, to say the least. They pen the creatures up, chain them like slaves, and neglect them to the point of death. Every year there are stories about dog owners and breeders that are found with starving and abused pets. Most state and local laws are weak and difficult to enforce. It begs the question, “Why have a dog or any pet if it is tied up to suffer?” That suffering can lead to violent, aggressive dogs that maim, kill and bite, sometimes without provocation.

Even when dogs have been trained and been around a lot of dogs your own dogs tendency will still to be to be an aggressive dog when your dog makes eye contact with other dogs. This is mostly a problem caused by the way in which most dog obedience courses are taught. Remember back when your dog was in a class with other dogs and you had to pull with the leash to keep your dog away from these other dogs. As you probably know, most dogs are naturally curios and when a pup gets together for the first time with a bunch of other dogs he would have been curious. The natural course of action as a new dog owner would have been to pull your dog hard away from the other dogs and now your dog will have learned that being around other dogs is bad and in the case of being close to other dogs it is easier to scare them away by being aggressive than it is to be docile and perhaps find a new friend.


As time has gone on you have probably pulled your dog away from other dogs at the dog park and now you have reinforced the idea that being around other dogs is bad. Well you certainly can teach an old dog new tricks and this trick is to let your dog be friendly again but still be respectful around other dogs.

Dogs tend to become aggressive during meal time. During or before feeding, train your pet to stay calm. During training, remain consistent. Letting up is not an option. For example, if you train your pet to not bark in one location, enforce this action to avoid confusion.


Some dogs are aggressive when they are in pain from some kind of illness or other issue. Dogs feel weak while they are in pain. You should visit your veterinarian to rule out any potential illnesses that cause pain. If the vet finds something wrong, they can treat the condition and the dog should feel more at ease.

Not pampering the dog or giving it food for sometime if it has misbehaved is a good way of showing the dog that it hasn’t behaved well. On the other hand be generous in rewarding good behaviour. You could give it a treat, pamper it and praise it. This way it understands that its behaviour has been pleasing and is obliged to show more of it. One of the keys is to avoid attacking or abusive commands when the dog has taken an aggressive stance. Similarly avoid making eye contact when the dog is in an aggressive mood. Making eye contact is like questioning its dominance. For puppies, to train them against aggressive behaviour, use a firm “No” to control them. If the puppy doesn’t behave, close it behind a room for some time. Eventually the puppy will listen to your No, to avoid being locked out. Some dog trainers are very good at balancing the nervousness or fear of the dog with ham treats. This way whenever the dog comes across triggers for instinctive aggression, it will associate the image of a ham, which will make it feel calmer and less nervous or afraid. This could happen most when the puppy or dog encounters other dogs or people who scare the puppy.

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