Should You Train Your Dog With An E-Collar?

It has been said that “You won’t train your dog with an e-collar”, I beg to differ. I believe that if properly trained, using an electronic collar can be beneficial in many ways. A dog collar is a necessary tool that every dog owner should have in their arsenal. It’s purpose is not to harm your dog, but educate them.


When placed around your dog’s neck, the collar will give a slight push when pulled on. The correction you give will be immediate and can then be followed by a firm “no” to continue bad behavior. This immediately reminds your dog of his or her command, and reinforces the importance of obeying.


This training method works great for housebreaking and many other aspects of dog obedience. It can even be used as a fun way to bond with your dog. Just imagine what it would be like to wear a hoodie every time you took your dog for a walk, wouldn’t it be a great way to enjoy each other’s company? Now imagine getting rewarded for being a good dog! You would love that, wouldn’t you. Every dog parent should have one!


Another advantage of collars is that they are comfortable. Unlike a choke chain, you don’t have to deal with your dog pulling on the leash every time you put it on. With the use of an e-collar, you can relax and trust that your dog will not pull and strangle you. And that’s really all you want – your dog to enjoy his or her freedom, not to constantly control you.


E-collars are relatively inexpensive. Most retail stores carry them. There is even a “spark” version available that emits a small bit of electricity when pressed. This is a better choice if you are thinking about how much your dog will enjoy running around in your garden.


They are not cruel or mean to your dog. Many people do worry about the effects of these collars, but the vast majority of owners say that their dogs are just fine with wearing them, and actually prefer them to other training methods. In fact, many dogs that were wearing one before were more obedient after wearing the collar.


E-collars are easy to adjust. You just twist the clip until your dog’s neck is relaxed against your chest. If your dog gets itchy, you can simply remove the clip! This makes it easy to adjust the level of correction your dog receives. As a result, your training session is far more effective than trying to handle a dog that pulls on leash.


So, there you have it: three reasons why you should definitely consider using an e-collar for your dog training purposes. No matter how big or small your dog is, he or she is perfectly capable of using this training collar. Now that you know this, all you need to do is find some quality training pads or ropes to start training your dog, and voila!


Once you have found a quality collar for your dog, the next logical step is to find a pad for your dog training pads. Many dog collars come with an extra collar that fits over the dog training pads so that when the pad is hit by the dog, the pressure from the collar is transferred to the pad. This can help to ease some of the pain your dog may be feeling during the actual training process.


One thing to remember about these collars is that they are electronic. Some people do not like this at all. The key reason why is because of the potential it could create for miscommunication between the dog and his or her owner. This is where you absolutely have to make sure that you understand the implications of the e-collar. If you don’t, you could very well be setting your dog up to fail.


For example, if your dog’s collar hits the pad but does not get put on properly, it’s not going to correct your dog’s behavior. Instead, the dog is going to be confused and think that he or she hurt the other dog because of the contact. This can lead to aggressive or inappropriate behavior from your dog. You definitely don’t want this to happen.


So, the bottom line is, yes, you should train your dog with an e-collar. However, you do need to ensure that you get it on properly. You need to make sure the collar is on properly and doesn’t fall off. In addition, you do need to make sure that your dog understands how this collar works and why it is important to use it properly during training.

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