Sick dog in the car : 7 tips to relieve it

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Just like us, dogs can fall victim to motion sickness, especially in cars. Nausea, hypersalivation, vomiting, moaning, trembling and even diarrhoea are signs that are not deceiving. If this is the case for your dog, here are 7 tips to relieve him and finally get into the car with peace of mind.

1. Get him used to it

If your dog is still young, it is strongly advised to familiarise him with the car to prevent stress. To do this, do not hesitate to make short trips (about 10 minutes) with him every day to get him used to the sensations. As time goes by, your dog will find that there is nothing more normal than getting into a car.

2. Choose pleasant destinations

You should also remember to always go to places that are pleasant for your dog, such as the park, so that he naturally associates the car with a positive feeling. Car journeys should not be combined with a visit to the vet!

3. Assign him a place in the car.

In the car, your dog must have his designated place and not move. Not only would it be dangerous for the driver to walk freely in the car, but it would also not help to make him feel safe. So, let him choose the place where he feels most comfortable (at the feet of the front passenger, for example) and put his favourite blanket or toys in it so that he can make it his own.

Also, make sure he can lie down. There’s nothing worse than standing or sitting and feeling all the jolts of the car!

4. Drive slowly

If you get motion sickness, you know that jerky driving only makes it worse. For your dog it’s the same thing! In order to avoid stressing him and limit nausea, you should drive as smoothly and as slowly as possible.

5. Ventilate the passenger compartment

When you feel nauseated in the car, fresh air can be a real relief. So don’t hesitate to air out the cabin regularly to let the air in. And above all, avoid smoking during the journey!

6. Don’t feed it

In order to avoid vomiting, it is advisable not to feed your dog two hours before the car trip. This way, his digestion will not be disturbed. However, make sure you always leave a bowl of fresh water available for your dog!

7. Opt for medication

If your dog really can’t stand the car, there are medicinal or homeopathic solutions available. However, only your veterinarian will be able to advise you.

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