Simple Dog Training Tricks Tips

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Dog Training Tricks Tips

Hi there, Are you struggling with an unruly, disobedient, untrained dog?


Looking for some good dog training tricks tips?

Dog Training Tricks Tips – Don’t know where to start?

I used to be in the same situation not knowing many dog training tricks tips until I went back to basics and began to understand what my dog actually needed – only then was I able to learn how to give it to them. Many people make the false assumption that their dog is much smarter than they actually are. In truth, your dog simply reacts to you. They want to be part of the pack, they want to be accepted – your dog is still an animal but with animal instincts. Once I had grasped this basic dig training tricks tips concept I was able to adjust any negative behaviors by focussing on changing how my furry friend expressed those instincts. I no longer had to shout at or scold my dog – and if I can master simple dog training tricks tips then you can too!


Core Dog Training Tricks Tips

There are a few basic dog training tricks tips that you need to know when training your dog that can make the whole process much easier across the board.

Crate Training gives your dog a home that he can call his own. Be sure that you spend some time ‘at home’ with your dog in his crate so he can get used to it. Believe me , you will find this a well worthwhile as using a crate can help later with house breaking, bark reduction, and any anxiety issues that your dog may have.


Leash Training can be a frustrating time for both you and your dog.  Using Dog Training Tricks Tips I discovered it was best to help my dog to reach a controlled, calm state. That made him much more responsive to commands without getting over excited about taking a walk. Once out walking there is just one thing to remember – When your dog pulls on the leash , stop and get them to sit still beside you before starting again. He will quickly learn that not pulling on the leash = a great walk. It really is that easy!

Be The Alpha Dog. I must admit, I learned this one from Cesar Milan, aka the Dog Whisperer on TV. He made it look so easy – and it really is!  It is also the most powerful of the dog training trciks tips techniques I have used to maintain order in the house. My youngest, Heidi, is a real handful but I can have her sit, roll over, and submit in just seconds simply by giving her ‘the look’ of assertion. She knows that I am the boss, the pack leader, and can feel safe knowing that I will protect her – An essential weapon in your dog training tricks tips armoury.


Obedience Training is not readily available where I live but can be a great supplement to home training. You’ll often learn some great dog training tricks tips from an obedience class whether you have a new puppy or are simply having trouble controlling your older dog.

The Importance of Consistency with Dog Training Tricks Tips

The one thing that all dog training tricks tips have in common is the need for consistency. Your dog may seem smart, and in many ways he is, but much of what he learns is through rote learning in response to a repeated, consistent environment. If you only make him sit before going out when you have time for it, he will get confused and excited and stop following your commands. By all means set rules, but you (and everyone else in your house) must be consistent with them.

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