25 Things You Should Never Do To Your Dog

The best friend and company one could ever have is a dog. Dogs are a great source of happiness. They are amusing all the time and can always amaze you with what they can do. These beautiful creatures spread warmth and inspire a different mode of life. Certainly, One’d better get a dog if not many and live an extremely amazing experience.

Taking care of your dogs might be demanding. It is such a hard responsibility and lots of work and attention. Yet, it is hard work that pays off. Dogs recognize your care and transmit it into love. When you take care of them, they become attached to you and ready to serve back. Hence, how can one make sure they are taking good care of their dogs?

Most dog owners know how to treat their dogs well when it comes to their basic needs, like shelter, food, and playing. However, there are many other things would better avoid if they have dogs as their pets.

1) Exercise Too Much

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Dogs love playing and they need a lot of exercises, but you should keep in mind you can have too much of a good thing. Dogs get overheated and they have to rest. Let them have all the fun they want, but know when enough is enough.

2) Forget to Groom Them

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Never forget to keep your dog well-groomed. Even short-haired dogs need a trim every so often. They should also get regular baths too.

3) Forget Their Flea Treatment

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Fleas are real pests and can cause all manner of problems for your dog. Don’t forget to regularly treat your dog for fleas to keep them at bay.

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4) Put the Dog in a Truck Bed

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You may think that it’s a good thing to let your dog ride in the truck bed, but it really isn’t. Dogs can get thrown out of a truck, jump out, or just otherwise get hurt by the movement of the truck. Let them sit in the cab with you or keep them in a carrier or crate, or tether them in place with their leash.

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5) Forget to Trim Their Nails

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Dogs need regular nail trims as much as people. They wear their nails down naturally when walking outside, but they need to have them clipped if they spend a lot of time indoors. Clipping their nails helps them walk better and stops them from scratching themselves too harshly.

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6) Leave Them Chained

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You can tie your dog up outside for a short period of time, but don’t leave them chained up too long. It makes them depressed and anxious. Dogs need to be able to run and play and have fun.

7) Avoid the Vet

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Vets bills can be expensive, yes, but they also keep your pet alive. Dogs need regular checkups and visits to the vet. If they get sick, you shouldn’t try to diagnose them on your own. You should leave it to the professionals.

8) Pet from Above

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You may like petting the top of your dog’s head, but they don’t like it as much as you might think. They can get scared if they can’t see where your hand is. You should be sure to pet them from an angle and let them know what you are up to.

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9) Be So Lenient

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It’s hard to discipline your pet when they are as cute as they are, but you also can’t let dogs be and let them get away with anything. Dogs need structure. Everyone wants a well-behaved pet, and that means laying down some ground rules. Don’t worry, they won’t be mad at you for it.

10) Stare at Them

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Speaking of cute dogs, everyone loves looking at their dog but be careful not to stare into their eyes. They may see it as a challenge or another act of aggression. You can watch them just fine, but avoid staring at them.

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11) Take Them on The Same Boring Walks

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You might like to have a morning or evening routine for walking your dog, but they appreciate having some variety. They love exploring and finding and learning new things. You should try taking some different routes and going to new places to make walks a bit more exciting.

12) Confuse Them with Affection

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Your dog has to learn right from wrong. They aren’t going to be able to learn that if you praise them or give them affection if they are in trouble. Don’t snuggle your dog when they do something wrong, even if they look at you with those “puppy dog eyes”. You need to be firm so they can learn all their rules and be less likely to break them and get into trouble in the first place.

13) Allow Them to Pull You

Don’t let your dog be in charge of you while you are walking them out. You are the owner, so keep in mind that you need to lead the way.

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14) Forget to Spay or Neuter

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Spaying and neutering can improve the health of your dog and make it calm. Yes, they won’t quite enjoy it, but it is something that can help your dog in the long term. Moreover, neutering can help in controlling the population of pets, here dog.

15) Use the Wrong Collar

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A lot of owners make a mistake by choosing a collar that they find attractive and does not think of their dog’s comfort. So, shop for a collar that your dog feels comfortable wearing all the time. And definitely avoid shopping a choker collar as it can make your dog anxious.

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16) Feed Them Table Scraps

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You must be very strict with your dog’s diet. Human food does not suit your dog. Though you may not discover any problem with its health within a few days, you might discover it over time if you feed them human food instead of dog food.

17) Walk on Hot Concrete

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Pay attention to their cute little paws, hot concrete, any harmful surface can hurt your dog’s paws. If you are out and walking your dog, keep it away from the surface that is hot or very rough.

18) Let Kids Jump on Them

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Okay, this one is about interaction. If you have a kid playing around with your dog, you must keep an eye on them all the time. This is because children may not have too much knowledge on how to behave with dogs, so any unwanted moves can trigger the dog and can make them behave violently.

19) Forget to Give Them Water

As mentioned above – dogs become heated very quickly so they need a proper hydration regime. You must provide them fresh water every time they come from any tiring activity. Also, make sure to keep their water vessels always filled.

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20) Shave Them in the Summer

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It is true that summers can be very bad for dogs who have a lot of hair. That being said, if you have a hairy dog you might think again before shaving your dog’s hair. Why? Because it is the hair that protects the dog’s skin, and shaving can make your dog’s skin more exposed to the harsh sun rays causing severe skin problems.

21) Leave Them in a Hot Car

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It has been mentioned twice and will be mentioned again because it is serious. Dogs get overheated very quickly and much quicker during summer days, so leaving them inside a car parked in the sun is the worst thing that you may do to your dog.

22) Feed Them Too Much

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Your dog definitely looks adorable when they beg for food. Overfeeding them can be bad for their health. They don’t always know when they’ve had enough. So, be sure to stick to a good feeding schedule so your dog gets enough food without overfeeding them.

23) Forget About Their Teeth

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If you’re going to take care of your own teeth, you should remember to take care of your dog’s. There are plenty of products and treats for doggy dental health, but do’t forget to regularly take them to the vet for dental checkups too.

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24) Hit Them

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Sometimes dealing with a dog can get frustrating, but you should never hit them. They don’t understand physical abuse and being hit. Smacking them just makes training them more difficult. There are other, better, ways to discipline your dog.

25) Use a Crate as Punishment

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Speaking of discipline, you shouldn’t use their crate as a punishment. It should be somewhere they enjoy being. Using it as a form of discipline makes training them even more difficult because it confuses them.

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