The Most Popular Types of Collars and Slips for Dogs

Why We Need Dog Collars: When walking our dogs many people ask us why we need dog collars. In the past, collars were used for identification, and to control the behavior of the dogs. Today, collars are used to maintain your dogs’ behavior and personality. By using a collar on your dog when they are misbehaving will help teach them what behaviors are acceptable. This is the same reason why some people have dog tags instead of a collar – it can serve the same purpose.


The Benefits of Dog Collars: One of the best benefits of dog collars is that they make walking your dog much more enjoyable, and it’s easier to identify your dog from other dogs in the park or on the trail. You’ll be able to keep your dog close to you and still be able to enjoy the great outdoors. Collars today come in all different shapes and sizes. For smaller breeds there are small stainless steel tags that provide the identification without an attachment, as well as micro-beaded, textured, fabric dog collars that fit comfortably around your dogs neck. Some pet owners like to place a small bell on their collar to alert others that their dog is home. Other pet owners use electronic collars that produce an audio warning when the dog becomes out of line.


The Benefits of Electronic Dog Collars: One of the biggest problems with traditional dog collars is that many collars do not allow your dog to feel like they have any kind of mobility. With traditional collars your dog has to get in and out of their collar, and you have to take the dog into another room to clip the collar. With id dog tags they are equipped with an electronic connector that lets you easily remove the dog tag from your dogs neck without taking them out of the collar. They make it much easier for your dog to move about and still be able to enjoy their id tag. Electronic dog tags also provide a measure of safety for your dog when you are out on your walks.


Why We Need Luckypet Removable Lurgy-On Lures: For many owners it is simply not practical to carry along their dogs leash when walking their pets. If you own a dog that loves to run and play around the neighborhood then you know just how much this can hurt your dogs’ chances of walking properly. That is why dog owners are turning to Luckypet rivet-on dog tags for all their walking needs. You have seen all the dog owners with dogs that are pulling hard on their leashes and you know it can be very dangerous. Lucky Pets offer removable harnesses and leashes that you can attach to their collar that give their dog more freedom to move around without damaging their neck or back.


Why We Need Silent Dog Tags: While it is perfectly acceptable to use your standard snap on id dog tags that are provided by your pet store or online, if you want to ensure the safety of your dog then you will want to consider choosing dog tags that are permanently affixed to their collar with no possibility of coming off. When looking for the best choice for your dog you may also want to consider the type of material that they are made of such as: nylon, silver, gold or stainless steel. Nylon and stainless steel are very popular because they are very durable, lightweight and will not tarnish.


Why We Need Dog ID Key Chain: With all of the ways your dogs can get lost it is very important to be able to find them quickly in case they do become lost. For some households it would not be possible for the entire household to search for each member of the family at once. With a key chain collar for your dogs you are able to easily replace your dogs id tag in case they ever get lost. The key chain dog tags can be attached to anything you want including cars, purses, hats, shirts and more. There are even customizable dog tags available that you can get your dogs name embroidered on them.


Why We Need Plastic ID Tags: If you have a lot of people coming and going in your household you will want to consider the convenience of plastic ID tags. These are very affordable and can be removed quickly and easily without worry of them being stolen. You can purchase the plastic id tags in bulk to help you save money and time when looking for your dogs collar. There are many different styles and colors of these types of collars and slip-ons to choose from. Most of the plastic collars and slip-ons will work with most any type of clothing and can be personalized with your dogs name and contact info. They are also very durable and will stand up to any amount of activity your dog puts them through.


Why We Need Dog Leash Bosses: Dog leash bosses are another great way to keep your dogs safe and secure. Using a leash boss can help owners keep their dogs in place and out of danger while allowing the owner to keep an eye on their pets. When looking for the perfect dog leash holder it is important to look for ones that are lightweight, sturdy, and can be attached to a pocket or waistband. Dog leash holders are a must have for every pet owner and can be used with almost any style of collar.

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