Treat Dog Chewing Paws

When dogs chew their paws they injure the skin and cause serious inflammations due to the bacteria that settle in the wounds

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Despite the lack of any obvious external reason the dog chews


(A) On all paws

(B) On either hind or front legs Inflammation only occurs after protracted repetitive injury.


(C) And nibbles conspicuously between the toes Upon inspection there are small red dots and red areas visible. The same types of dots are found on the belly and on the inside of the thighs.

The dog might have been lying on a lawn.


(D) Or licks a specific area of one paw. That area is red and swollen.


(A) This may be an important sign that the animal feels neglected and bored, and it is trying to get attention.

(B) Metabolic disorders are at work here. The hind paws are usually affected if the kidney is dysfunctional, and the front paws are the victims of liver disorders.

(C) Grass mites are commonly the culprits of the small red dots.

(D) This type of chewing most commonly follows an injury by a foreign body, a tear or cut, or by an insect sting. If the lesion is open, it is probably infected by bacteria.


Dab the affected areas of the paws or between the toes with diluted Calendula essence, and let it dry. Don’t let the dog lick the fluid off otherwise you lose the effect. The essence is not harmful though! If you can clearly see the inflammation, cover the sore area with Dr. Schaette Wound Balm before every outdoor activity.

In addition to this topical treatment, there are special measures you can take for each type of lesion.

If your dog is bored, you need to provide distraction and occupation.

If your pet feels neglected, you might need to change your relationship and interactive behavior.

You can try behavioural training if all your other efforts fail to help the dog.

– Bach Flowers

Crab apple is good in any case for internal cleansing.

If the condition is due to a metabolic disorder, use He par-comp. ampoules if the front paws are affected and Solid ago comp. ampoules if the hind paws are affected to assist renal metabolism. Either medication should be given orally, at the rate of ‘A-l ampoule three times each week.

Important: If you suspect a metabolic disorder and you have been feeding mainly commercial diets, this is the time to introduce a slow change to fresh foods!

(C) If your dog gets infested with grass mites frequently, you need to initiate a change in the overall metabolic patterns. Start the treatment with five Psorinoheel drops three times each day. If this does not show results within one week, you need to change to giving one Sulfu-Injeel ampoule orally every other day.

(D) Trammel tablets (one tablet 3-5 times daily) are most effective in case of injuries, pain, and irritation. After you clean the affected area with Calendula essence you can cover it with a thin layer of Trammel ointment, or you can use Rescue cream.

Important: Do not bandage the lesion after you cover it with a thin film of ointment!

When to Consult a Veterinarian

Get professional help if all four paws are affected. The cause is probably a serious metabolic disorder. Also make an appointment if your treatments have not yielded success or the initial inflammations turn into pus.

What to Expect

Classic homeopathic remedies will be selected to treat potentially underlying metabolic disorders and to ameliorate inflammatory processes. The use of Nosodes will affect the elimination of toxins that might be introduced by bacterial infections .If metabolic disorders are diagnosed; the specialist will instruct you in the application of acupressure.

Preventive and Convalescent Care

Prevent your dog from licking and chewing in order to avoid serious infections.

Wrong nutrition may have led to metabolic disorders. If you think that this might have been the case, begin a slow change to a high quality diet. There is no better disease prevention than a good diet.

After each outing wash your dog’s paws with warm water, and dry them thoroughly. Treat your dog like a living creature-not like an object!

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