Try These 15 Ways Of Showing Your Dog You Love Them

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When you think of unconditional love probably one of the first images that comes to your mind is that of a dog. These marvelous pets come into our lives and make us completely fall in love with them, forever changing us. Dogs seem to have infinite resources of love, tenderness and playfulness and they never miss an opportunity to show that to their human friend. They are true life companions and once you get a dog you can be sure he will be forever by your side.


The relationship between humans and dogs goes as back as 14,000 years ago, when custom had it that the dog and his owner would be buried together. And while this tradition may raise eyebrows nowadays, most dog owners have shed a tear while watching the movies Hachiko – A Dog’s Story, Marley and me, Beethoven and the list goes on.

The true affection that people have had for dogs was shown to also date very long ago. Archaeological discoveries made in Siberia showed cases in which dogs were granted person-hood and were found buried in the same ground with humans.


It is only natural that when faced with such a strong relationship, you, as a proud dog owner, would like to make sure that you show reciprocity to your trusted companion.

The special bond that we have with dogs comes from feelings that have overcome a certain language barrier, but there might be a time when you feel you need some inspiration to express your true love for your four-legged friend. In the absence of a common tongue, body language makes up a large part of the communication. It goes without saying that dogs have their own personalities and traits that you get to know overtime, so paying attention to your friend’s reactions in different situations is very important.


Apart from that, there are certain differences between human and canine behavior and also between the way we process and express emotions and this is where we come to help you out with a few tips and tricks. Keep reading to find out 15 new ways that you can use to make sure your dog feels loved, cherished and a valued family member. We would also love to hear your own personal ways to bond with your fury friend so don’t forget to leave us a comment and share with us some fluffy love.

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